A D Metro: Leading the Touchscreen Market with Two-Touch Resistive Controller

5-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

With the fact that controllers play a crucial role in touch applications, A D Metro has scaled in the touchscreen market through its unique controller innovations like two-touch resistive controllers and smart ARGON PCAP controllers. Controllers are the main electronic interface that acts as a connector between the touch sensor and the device. Basically, a […]

Make Durable Outdoor Kiosks with A D Metro’s ULTRA-Resistive Touch Screens

ULTRA-resistive touch screens

When it comes to installing outdoor kiosks, their longevity becomes the primary concern. Moreover, in the evolving landscape of touch applications in commercial sectors, outdoor kiosks are also adapting to the latest technology to improve the customer experience. These unattended kiosks are typically installed in areas of high traffic, malls, or transit, often exposed to […]

How ARGON is Different from Standard PCAP Controllers

With the growing demand for interactive touch applications, projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens have emerged as one of the top-selling touch technologies. Features like high optical clarity, light touch activation with smooth gestures (such as zoom, pinch and rotate), precision, and high-quality construction make PCAP touch technology the ideal fit for many applications. But what actually […]

Touchscreen Industry Trends to Dominate in 2024

touchscreen solutions

The touchscreen landscape has evolved a lot over the years as various industries leverage the benefits of this innovative solution, and interactive touchscreen kiosks make up a big part of it. Touchscreen kiosks have, in fact, set a new standard for service delivery in different sectors. The projections indicate interactive kiosks will rise at a […]

Features & Functional Benefits of ARGON PCAP Controller

ARGON PCAP Controller

For smart and interactive touch devices, manufacturers typically prefer Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology. PCAP offers several technical advantages, such as multi-touch, including pinch-zoom-rotate, superior optical clarity, and durability, which make touch operations reliable, smooth, and engaging. However, with different sensor sizes, formats, and cover glasses, integrating standard PCAP touch sensors becomes a taxing and […]

Three Simple Steps to Set Up an ARGON PCAP Touch System

ARGON PCAP controller

With the ever-expanding market of touch screen applications, projected capacitive touch technology has become an obvious pick for graphical user interfaces. However, having a diverse product line, some manufacturers look for one controller capable of managing all sensor size needs but also require integrating PCAP touch screens. This may lead to costlier inventory and overall […]

2-Touch Resistive Controller: Making Multi-Touch Functionality Feasible For Demanding Applications

Two-Touch Resistive Controller

Multi-touch technology in devices offers a smart and interactive interface. Applications integrated with this technology can identify and simultaneously process multiple touch inputs via their touch-sensitive surface. The multi-touch technology enables intuitive accessibility, interactivity, and simultaneous usage by individuals. This ability to detect and track multiple touches in parallel provides numerous advantages for users. However, […]