25 Years Of Innovative Touch Screen Technology

Touch screens are such a common sight today that it’s hard to imagine life without them. But not that long ago, touch screens were much harder to find. They practically seemed like something out of science fiction. Today they’re found in our homes, our pockets, in stores, in factories, and on the street. For 25 […]

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Touchscreen Provider

Manufacturers and businesses whose products incorporate touchscreen technology know that finding a good source for touchscreens can be difficult. Touchscreens are a customer’s primary point of interface with technological applications, and because the screen tends to be the most vulnerable part of any technological device, striking a balance between intuitive functionality and resistance to wear […]

New Touch Screen Technology Is Having Impact On Transportation Industry

Where airport departures halls were once filled with long lines in front of the check-in desks, travellers are now greeted by dozens of kiosks that allow them a quick and easy check-in experience. Changes like these have quickly become routine, especially for regular flyers, but the impact check-in kiosks have had on improving the ease […]

How Will Retailers Benefit From Touch Screen Technology This Christmas

Over the past few years, retailers have been adapting more touch screens in their stores than ever before. With the busiest retail season happening now, retailers now get the chance to see how their investments in new technology are going to pay off. Touch screen displays, kiosks, and POS will be put to the test […]

The Tech That Keeps Packages On Time Over The Holidays

Peak shopping season is here, and that means it’s also peak shipping season. While the global supply chain is always something of a wonder, in the months before Christmas, it becomes a true behemoth. Millions of tonnes of consumer goods are shipped by truck, train, plane, and ship, stored in warehouses and delivered to big […]

Touch Screens In The Driver’s Seat

If you’ve looked at high-end luxury cars lately, you know that touch screens are one of the biggest technological changes going on in car interiors over the past few years. Touch screens are everywhere and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that automotive is getting in on the action as well. Touch screens in cars […]

The Challenge Of Touch Screens In Transportation Hubs

Over the past decade, self-serve kiosks have become standard technology in airports. They’ve helped airports save money by reducing staff and improved line ups for ticketing and check-ins. They’re even being implemented as part of border crossings at airports. Transportation hubs of all kinds are now catching up, from train stations to bus terminals. Public […]

Reduce Touch Screen Development Costs

Our world is full of touch screens: they’re in our pockets, in our bags, on our laptops, at the workplace. We sign for deliveries on touch screens, we design on them, we read on them, we even have them in our cars. Touch screens are one of the first places that system designers look when […]

Touchscreen Technology Is Changing Retail

Only a few years ago, online shopping looked like it was going to completely erase the brick and mortar storefront that has been the foundation of retail for centuries. But as online retailers like Amazon saw profits soar, shoppers continued to express affection and preference for shopping in person – even if they made their […]

New Innovations In Touch Screen Technology

A D Metro has always been an industry leader as a touch screen manufacturer for retail, industrial, transportation, aerospace, military, and marine industries. But touch screen technology is constantly changing, and we’re not just talking about the new features and capabilities of our smartphones. Industrial mobile computers are using more advanced software, leading some hardware […]