Whitepaper: Cyber Security Relating to Touch Technology

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Touch screens are uniquely positioned to have direct access to sensitive information. For example, as users enter pin codes, IDs, user names and passwords, those touch  locations are handled by the touch screen controller. Touch screens are therefore a potential security risk regardless of how they interface to a system electrically (USB, I2C, TTL, RS-232 or other). A malicious touch screen might attempt system attacks through the electrical interface. Alternatively, a touch screen controller might compromise a system by incorporating (or being modified to include) malicious extra hardware such as a radio transceiver.

At A D Metro, we pay careful attention to our product components and keep tight control over our North American manufacturing facility to ensure no malicious hardware or software hacks invade your system through any of our products. Know your source of hardware supply. It should be treated with the same threat level consideration as any other aspect of your security system. Always buy from known and trusted sources. Cheap cost should never be a determining factor in these instances. Indeed, cheap pricing is a tool that bad actors may employ to entice you to buy compromised product.

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