ULTRA Resistive: The Ideal Touchscreen for Military Touch Display Applications

ULTRA resistive touchscreens

The military requires resilient and tested technology to conduct safe and successful operations. As automation advances, military displays are also constantly evolving. They integrate innovative technologies to build even ruggedized defense applications. However, conditions like rain, persistent temperature swings, and varying amounts of shock and vibration inhibit military operations if the equipment is insufficient to […]

Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose ULTRA Resistive Touchscreens for Rugged Applications

Ultra Resistive Touch Screens

Manufacturing touch applications is an involved process with several considerations, starting from touchscreen selection. This is because the function, durability, and even cost of final products depend significantly on the chosen touchscreen technology. Thus, A D Metro’s patented ULTRA resistive touchscreens become the first choice for manufacturers seeking durable, reliable, and economical touchscreen sensors. ULTRA […]

The Unmatched Capabilities Offered by ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens for Seamless Functioning ATMs

Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

In today’s smart age, banking without ATMs is rare. On the other hand, ATM technology has always relied on high-quality touch screens. These Automated Teller Machines are required to be strong, resilient, waterproof, vandal-resistant, and capable of functioning in extreme temperatures as found in outdoor environments. Moreover, they must also deliver an intuitive, smooth user […]

Essential Features of Tablets Used for Industrial Applications

When it comes to industrial usage, a consumer-grade smartphone or tablet won’t last long and would succumb in a relatively short period of time. Businesses, these days, depend largely on automation to operate efficiently and profitably. If a computer breaks down even for a small amount of time, business operations can be badly affected, and […]

ULTRA Resistive Touchscreens for Passenger Interaction Systems at Transit Hubs

Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

Commuters at different transit hubs such as railway stations, airports and rapid transit systems have easy access to information and ticketing through touch display machines. Thanks to innovative touchscreen technologies, touch devices can now be installed indoors and outdoors, facilitating a smooth travel system. ULTRA-resistive touch technology, an armored touch solution by A D Metro, […]

Resistive & Capacitive Touchscreens: Know How These Two Popular Touch Solutions Differ

Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

With the increasing demand for touch devices, there are many different solutions available for touchscreen sensors. However, the two most conventional yet popular technologies – resistive and capacitive touchscreens still dominate the market. This is particularly due to the availability of enhanced and innovative solutions designed around these two technologies. Resistive and Capacitive touchscreens are […]

Top Touch Display Technologies Available on The Market

Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

When it comes to interactive displays, kiosks, or digital signage, using keyboards and buttons for input appear obsolete. Touch screens have already taken over the market and they have become the standard input method for display technologies. Considering the diverse demands, touchscreen suppliers have supplied the industry with numerous state-of-the-art technologies. Here are the most […]

Three Major Challenges in Producing Touchscreen Displays for Retail

Ultra Resistive Touch Screens

Being an OEM producing display devices for retailers, you are likely to face some challenges while implementing touchscreens into retail displays. As people get accustomed to the touch interface of personal electronics and point-of-sale displays in stores, it is a challenge to bring touch-enabled performance to harsh environments such as outdoors. Resistive touchscreens, while widely […]

Popular Touch Screen Technologies for OEMs

Ultra resistive touchscreens

Touch screen technology has rapidly replaced the conventional methods of controlling and communicating with computing platforms. Nowadays, the touch interface is present in our day to day lives, whether it is smartphones, laptops, tablets, home appliances or high-tech instruments and equipment. To make these devices touch-enabled, OEMs typically uses one of the following basic types […]