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ULTRA-resistive touch screens

Make Durable Outdoor Kiosks with A D Metro’s ULTRA-Resistive Touch Screens

When it comes to installing outdoor kiosks, their longevity becomes the primary concern. Moreover, in the evolving landscape of touch applications in commercial sectors, outdoor kiosks are also adapting to the latest technology to improve the customer experience. These unattended kiosks are typically installed in areas of high traffic, malls, or transit, often exposed to risks of vandalism, extreme weather, and mishandling. Bridging this gap, A D Metro has invented ULTRA- resistive touch screen sensors with sound capabilities to tackle issues related to outdoor kiosks functioning.

With robust weatherproofing and durable glass surface, you can count on ULTRA-resistive touch screens to perform reliably and flawlessly in harsh environments. Designed to deliver superior durability and water and contaminant resistance, ULTRA stands as the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including rugged, outdoor, and unattended kiosk applications.

Reliable Operations with Gloved Fingers & Stylus:
End users can operate a kiosk using bare fingers, gloved fingers, or a stylus. ULTRA-resistive touch screens are extremely durable, remaining unscratched even when a sharp object is used to operate them. Scratch resistance is an important quality factor for touch displays since it is impossible to ensure conscious handling of unattended kiosks. Also, kiosks standing in extreme weather cannot demand users to take off their gloves for operations. Therefore, ULTRA gets an edge over other touch screen technologies as it doesn’t only depend on bare fingers and can seamlessly function on commands given by gloved fingers.

Unaffected by Dust & Dirt:
Outdoor kiosks remain exposed to potential contamination like dust, dirt, chemicals, or spillages. With their capability of contaminant resistance, A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens operate reliably even with oil, grease, food, dirt, and dust on the screen. No amount of contaminant hurts the functionality of the kiosks, improving their longevity.

Waterproof Touch Displays:
One of the most remarkable features of ULTRA is its waterproof capabilities. With advanced sealing technology, ULTRA displays are impervious to water and can function even underwater. This feature allows touch screen kiosks to work even when exposed to moisture, making them ideal for situations where spills, rain, or excessive humidity are present.

Vandal Proof and Scratch Resistant:
Outdoor kiosks integrated with ULTRA touch sensor technology are impact-resistant and can be utilized in a variety of operational settings. They offer unprecedented reliability, which has been tested over 200 million touch operations. The hard glass surface is resistant to scratches and abrasion, thus increasing the durability of unattended kiosks.

Meeting Diverse Demands- Options for Enhancement:
A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens qualify for durability, waterproof capabilities, and exceptional touch performance in extreme weather conditions, generating an opportunity to enhance user experiences across a multitude of applications.

However, some applications have more demanding requirements. Therefore, to meet those needs- A D Metro provides select combinations with the following enhancement options.

  • Alternative thicknesses of Borosilicate glass
  • Anti-reflective (AR) and Hydrophobic coatings
  • Anti-Glare (AG) coating
  • Foam or adhesive mounting gaskets
  • Chemically strengthened backer
  • Polycarbonate substrate
  • Graphic underlay / Printed laminations
  • Port to diaphragm

To learn more and explore how ULTRA resistive touch sensor technology, visit the website.

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