Touch Screen Solutions

A D Metro is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative solutions in touch screen technology.

A D Metro offers an extensive range of touch screen products. Established in 1993, our product line has evolved and expanded to include a wide range of innovative touch screen solutions, including resistive, projected capacitive, infrared, and acoustic technologies.

Touch screen solutions that are available in a wide range of standard sizes and formats; and can also be custom manufactured to individual clients requirements.

Our touch screen sensors and controllers are used extensively for control panels, monitors, all-in-one computers, kiosks and portable mobile computing device applications. Touch screen applications that are deployed across a diverse range of markets including aerospace, industrial, retail, marine, military, transportation, healthcare and medical.

A D Metro’s resistive touch products include two styles of sensors. Choose either our conventional, standard resistive sensors or our patented ULTRA armored resistive sensors. ULTRA sensors are proven in the most physically demanding touch applications.
Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens offer the user friendly multi-touch experience, associated with smartphones and tablets, operating with very light touch through a highly durable glass surface.
An infrared touch screen application is composed of a frame outfitted with LEDs and photodetectors. The frame has an optical bezel or protective cover that enables LEDs to emit infrared beams, invisible to the naked eye.
A D Metro offers a complete line of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screens kits, consisting of touch screen and controller. SAW offers an excellent alternative for many touch applications requiring a light touch, excellent optical characteristics and a very durable surface.

In addition to a broad line of standard size commercial off the shelf touch screen sensor technology solutions, A D Metro is able to offer custom sizes and enhancements to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Selecting the right technology

What are the different types of touch screen technology and how do they compare?

Understanding touch screen technologies and the differences between them is important when contemplating design options and trade-offs.

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