Increasingly ubiquitous and convenient, the kiosk is the new front-line in customer engagement. Touch screens are the preferred user interface, offering the intuitive ease of use and reliability that are critical to the customers’ experience and satisfaction.

A D Metro is a manufacturer and supplier of rugged and durable touch screen solutions that address the needs of ATM’s, ticketing machines, check-in kiosks, lottery terminals and information kiosks.

Our commercial-grade touch screens are designed for durability, ease of integration and weatherproof enclosures; with vandal resistant options. We offer projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens for multi-touch and gesture control; and for outdoor, all-weather, applications our patented ULTRA Resistive touch screens.

Self-serve kiosks, ticket machines and ATMs are increasingly ubiquitous. They offer customer convenience and reduced operating costs. What may often seem like a rather benign environment for a kiosk application can quickly become one of the more challenging applications for touch screens. Unattended, they will be exposed to vandalism. When used outdoors kiosks need to operate reliably over an extended temperature range and in the presence of rain, snow, dirt and dust.

Recommended Touch Screen Technologies for Kiosks Applications

A D Metro’s patented ULTRA touch screen, with its armor glass surface, is the most durable, reliable and economic resistive touch screen sensor on the market.
Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens offer the user friendly multi-touch experience, associated with smartphones and tablets, operating with very light touch through a highly durable glass surface.

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