ARGON PCAP Controller

Patented built-in adaption capability eliminates months of PCAP integration effort

ARGON PCAP Controller

A D Metro’s industry leading ARGON PCAP controller senses and adapts, at the press of a button, to the connected (off-the-shelf) PCAP sensor size, format, orientation and cover glass as well as the characteristics of detected touches and your system’s unique background noise environment. Embedded, patented technology means that no software utilities or firmware updates are needed to get your PCAP touch system running perfectly. PCAP integration has never been so easy.

This high performance PCAP touch screen controller delivers the responsive, zero-force, multi-touch experience that users prefer.
A built-in configuration feature offers adjustment of maximum concurrent touches (and more) – particularly useful for embedded applications. Another built-in feature can report the level of background noise affecting your touch system.

This controller normally communicates directly to the USB HID interface that is built in to most operating systems. By connecting an appropriate cable, this controller can alternatively report touch locations using I2C interface.
An RS-232(3.3V) interface option is available as a custom build.

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Part Details



ARGON Adaptive PCAP Controller with USB-A cable.


ARGON Adaptive PCAP Controller without USB-A cable.


Adaptor that makes the ARGON controller compatible with virtually any PCAP sensor that has a 68-pin flex tail.


USB-A Controller Cable, 6 ft (about 2m)

Compatible Sensors

Compatible with practically any PCAP sensor having a 2 by 51-pin flex tail. These sensors exist in sizes from 6” to 24”.
Also compatible with practically any PCAP sensor having a 68-pin flex tail (using adaptor C-ADP-102W-68WL-01).


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