SAW Touchscreens: The Best Alternative for Indoor Applications

(SAW)Touch Screen

Over the years, the touchscreen market has evolved with many innovative options, and surface acoustic wave (SAW) touchscreens are one of them. They have emerged as an excellent alternative for touch applications, especially indoor ones. Manufacturers often rely on this touch technology for applications like ATMs, public information kiosks, amusement parks, computer-based training and other […]

5 Facts You Must Know About SAW Touchscreens

SAW Touchscreens

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology has become a promising choice among the leading touchscreens available on the market. Although not as popular as capacitive or resistive, SAW touchscreens account for feasible alternatives offering several benefits. With the advancing technology and growing competition to provide the best experience for consumers, many OEMs are still choosing SAW […]

Comparison between Capacitive vs Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screens

SAW Touch Screens

With the widespread usage and demand of touch interface devices, the use of touch screens has evolved and grown significantly. Today, there are several different types of touch screen technologies for diverse operational environments, like military, industrial, retail, and gaming applications, etc. It is all about providing seamless performance through best-suited touch technologies. But what […]

SAW Touchscreens: A Revolution in the Touchscreen Market

SAW Touchscreens

It’s been decades when touchscreen devices started to be commonly used with different applications. But it must be agreed on the point that recent advancements in touch-sensing technology have taken it to the next level- making it more functional than ever with smartphones, tablets, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and other touchscreen devices. A variety of touchscreens- […]