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PCAP touch screens

From Durability to Integration. How do PCAP Touch Screens Perform in Industrial Operations?

Almost every field is now adopting the advanced mode of operations with touch input devices prominently used. These touch applications have penetrated harsh industrial environments, making their operations swift and convenient. However, it is not just the application but the touch technology supporting their features and functions for reliable operations. A D Metro’s Projected Capacitive or PCAP touch screen technology with their advanced ARGON controller is even more practical to use and meet various industrial demands for robust and reliable solutions.

Considering the challenges typically occurring, in different fields, A D Metro offers a comprehensive solution with PCAP touch screens that includes ruggedness, low inventory costs, moisture performance, and glove performance. This powerful combination supports the durability and efficiency of industrial equipment.

Here are the Powerful Features of A D Metro’s Innovative PCAP Touch screens.

Unmatched Durability: PCAP touch screens are engineered to withstand high temperatures, moisture, dust, and physical impact. They offer exceptional durability and long-lasting performance in different industrial settings. The durability of PCAP touch displays is achieved through its robust construction that includes a glass substrate with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coatings.

To make PCAP touch screens moisture resistant, A D Metro has devised two signal processing methods- Water Rejection and Wet Tracking. This is because PCAP touch screens are technically not waterproof (as they cannot work underwater). A D Metro’s signal processing methods thus enable them to tolerate some specific amount of water on the screen and perform better.

Seamless Touch Experience: A D Metro’s PCAP touch technology offers more accurate and responsive touch capability. The user-friendly interface, combined with glove performance solutions (thin gloves), allows operators to easily interact with industrial machinery and other applications, providing maximum precision and comfort. They are even enabled to sense the touch through a window and with no real tactile sense, which means it can be activated before you even touch it.

Visual Clarity: PCAP touch sensors feature high light transmission quality and deliver great image clarity. As a result, the touch display produces clear. The unimpeded clarity of the PCAP sensor allows for the display of high-resolution imagery which is critical for applications needing to display high-definition graphics.

Easy Integration: PCAP touch screens by A D Metro are designed with adaptability in mind, allowing easy integration with diverse industrial systems. A D Metro has introduced the ARGON controller which is a smart controller that automatically detects and adapts to a wide range of off-the-shelf sensor sizes, formats, and cover glasses.

ARGON Controller by A D Metro
ARGON is an advanced controller designed and patented by A D Metro and enabled to automatically sense USB, I2C, or RS232 (3.3V) connection and report touch coordinates accordingly. This helps streamline the product line from design to deployment.

The best thing about the ARGON controller is that it doesn’t require tuning software to set parameters or any dedicated hardware drivers. It can be easily set up anywhere, anytime, and is compatible with any operating system, simplifying inventory for customers wishing to implement PCAP in their product offering but only needing one controller to handle all their sensor size requirements. This is especially useful for field servicing as operators no longer need to keep matching controller configurations or tracking firmware loads to ensure they have the correct controller on the site.

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