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ULTRA resistive touchscreens

ULTRA Resistive: The Ideal Touchscreen for Military Touch Display Applications

The military requires resilient and tested technology to conduct safe and successful operations. As automation advances, military displays are also constantly evolving. They integrate innovative technologies to build even ruggedized defense applications.

However, conditions like rain, persistent temperature swings, and varying amounts of shock and vibration inhibit military operations if the equipment is insufficient to tackle these issues. However, by integrating A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touchscreens, military displays can be powered to operate in the above conditions. As a popular touchscreen technology in military applications, A D Metro’s patented ULTRA resistive touch sensors offer a reliable pressure activated touch that can be glove operated. Moreover, they have excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics, can be integrated into ruggedized enclosures for extreme environments, and are available with a range of filters and optical enhancements to make perfect military displays.

What more ULTRA Resistive Touchscreens offer?

Durable Glass Surface:
Military applications are often exposed to dust and dirt. However, that should not cause any damage as a result thereof. For example, when operating in desert areas, touch screen technology must be durable enough to sustain contamination or damage from coarse sand. The innovative borosilicate glass surface of A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touchscreen provides the highest level of protection against abrasions and scratches. Without needing further maintenance, the sturdy glass surface guarantees perfect functioning. Military personnel can easily use touch equipment in any scenario without worrying about proper upkeep.

Expanded Life Expectancy:
ULTRA resistive touchscreens offer a substantial life span compared to standard 5-wireresistive touch screens, which usually have a life span of about 30 million touches when touched at the same spot with a bare finger. With a pointed stylus, it reduces dramatically as the ITO conductive coating under flexible layer begins to crack due to enough flexing with repeated touches. Eventually, causing the ITO to lose its conductivity.

ULTRA resistive, on the other hand, has a stiffer borosilicate glass outer layer that doesn’t allow bending of the ITO layer, increasing the life expectancy by as much as 10-fold.

Immune to EMI & RFI:
Resistive touchscreens are naturally resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). That is because the touch screen operates on a basic DC voltage and is not influenced by electrical noise. That is why, despite its drawbacks, resistive technology has been preferred for military purposes. ULTRA, being a resistive-based technology, is no different. Resistive technology is unaffected by electrical noise and also does not produce it. ULTRA is also impervious to Electrical Magnetic Pulse (EMP) warfare and can’t be defeated by it.

Higher Tolerance for Extreme Temperatures:
Military personnel frequently endure terrible weather conditions, such as extreme heat and humidity, as well as severe cold. Thus, weather is one of the most important considerations while developing military equipment. A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch technology ensures the application remains fully operational in extreme temperatures, snow, rain, and even underwater. It can operate at temperatures ranging from -35°C to +70°C and store from -40°C to +85°C.

A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touchscreens offer excellent solutions for touch applications for military environments. ULTRA’s immunity to EMI enables simple integration of this touch technology with any display type without impacting touch function. It is tough, sturdy, pressure-activated, electrically stealthy, has a longer life span, and operates in any environment, allowing usage with a basic pen or highly gloved hand.

Moreover, it has the brand value of A D Metro, known for its quality and innovative solutions in the touchscreen industry.


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