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2-Touch Resistive Controller

Two-Touch Resistive Controller: A D Metro Redefines the Capabilities of Resistive Touchscreens

Given their apparent advantages, resistive touchscreens have found a niche for themselves in a variety of applications. They are reasonably priced, have great durability, and operate flawlessly even in wet or gloved conditions. However, their dependency on single-touch interactions has proven to be a severe constraint, especially as the demand for more intricate gestures like pinch, zoom, and rotate continues to grow. With its Two-Touch Resistive Controller, A D Metro breaks down this barrier by allowing multi-touch functionality on already-existing 5-wire resistive and ULTRA resistive touch sensors. This means that existing resistive touch systems can be significantly improved without requiring a change to another touch screen type.

A D Metro’s patented two-touch resistive controller provides quick and seamless touch operations with 70 touch points per second for two-touch and 100 touch points per second for single touch. Combining modern two-touch controllers expands the capabilities of the 5-wire resistive touch sensors (standard or ULTRA) and allows complete two-touch operation, which is excellent for pinch, zoom, rotate, and drag actions.

Benefits of Two-Touch Resistive Controllers:
The benefits of this innovative technology extend far beyond its suitability for multi-touch demanding applications. Here’s what sets it apart.

Streamlined Integration for Seamless Upgrades:
A D Metro’s two-touch resistive controllers are equipped with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing hardware. Advanced two-touch resistive controllers maintain a dimensional footprint similar to their single-touch counterparts. Additionally, connector compatibility is preserved with most one-touch resistive controllers, facilitating a straightforward conversion to the more advanced two-touch technology. This minimizes implementation complexity and ensures a smooth transition from single-touch to two-touch functionality.

A D Metro’s two-touch resistive controllers are simple to integrate while keeping overall system costs low. Advanced two-touch controllers provide a cost-effective way to achieve multi-touch capabilities by utilizing the existing 5-wire resistive touch sensor structure. This eliminates the need for costly hardware upgrades, making it an appealing choice for budget-conscious manufacturers. They are significantly easier to install than traditional hardware and might save you money on installation expenses.

Enhanced Precision and Control:
Two-touch resistive technology takes touch interaction to a whole new level. Forget the limitations of mouse and keyboards! These controllers utilize multi-touch gestures, allowing for greater control and accuracy when manipulating digital information. They also allow for easy and precise movement, resizing, and rotation of 3D models, which enhances application functionality.

Improved Visual Efficiency:
Users may navigate a large amount of data without clicking on each item individually. Two-touch technology allows for faster and easier data selection, eliminating the need for additional clicks.

The patented two-touch resistive controller from A D Metro is a revolutionary innovation in the touchscreen industry, combining qualities of resistive touch technology with cutting-edge multi-touch capabilities. This paves the way for more intuitive and engaging experiences in areas that were previously considered difficult for traditional multi-touch solutions.


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