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ARGON PCAP Controller

Interactive Display Manufacturing: PCAP Touchscreens with ARGON Controllers

Interactive displays have gained traction as collaboration tools in the classroom and workplace, and this trend is expected to continue as worldwide demand is quickly growing. Despite interactive displays being common in businesses and classrooms, people hardly look at the technology behind the ease of functionality.

The fact is that interactive technology isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Modern interactive screens include a range of touch technologies. While they all allow for swift display interactions, most manufacturers usually prefer projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology for displays to be used across various industries and settings.

Projected Capacitive Touch Technology and Interactive Displays:
Projected capacitive touchscreens are the main component, making today’s smartphone interaction engaging and smooth. PCAP technology has also gained a strong foothold in the worldwide market as an intuitive touch option for high-end interactive screens.

PCAP touchscreens provide one of the most accurate and user-friendly touch experiences. It feels just like a large-scale smartphone or tablet to typical users. There’s no risk of false or accidental touch as non-conductive items, like bracelets and sleeves, do not register touch when they come into contact with the screen. PCAP touchscreens use human capacitance to enable touch. They allow interactive displays with a more streamlined and elegant design and operate beneath the glass, making it durable for use. Furthermore, the glass keeps dust, moisture, and too much light from affecting the display’s responsiveness.

PCAP touchscreens are the top choice for small touchscreens like smartphones and tablets, but for the large sizes of interactive displays, off-the-shelf distribution becomes difficult, and inventory costs get costlier for manufacturers. Keeping this in focus, A D Metro has engineered the smart ARGON PCAP controller, which offers an easy and economical solution to original equipment manufacturers and system integrators. From design to stock to service, the ARGON controller streamlines touch display business from end to end.

A D Metro’s patented intelligent ARGON controller can automatically adapt to different sensor sizes without requiring tuning software for setup. This makes PCAP touch sensors configuration easier, without needing special tools or training.

The ARGON PCAP controller senses and adapts to the connected (off-the-shelf) PCAP sensor’s size, format, orientation, and cover glass with a simple press of a button. It also automatically adjusts the characteristics of detected touches and the unique background noise environment of the system with a button press.
This innovative PCAP touchscreen controller by A D Metro has been designed to deliver a responsive, zero-force, multi-touch experience that end users generally want high-performance interactive touch displays.

The smart features of the ARGON PCAP controller help manufacturers simplify their inventory required for the implementation of Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology in their product offering. The ARGON controller automatically senses the channels and the size of the sensor, making it feasible for use with a wide range of display applications.

Furthermore, the easy integration feature of the ARGON controller streamlines field servicing since manufacturers do not have to keep matching controller configurations or track firmware loads to ensure the right controller is transported to the site.

Overall, PCAP touchscreens combined with A D Metro’s patented ARGON controllers, streamline large interactive display manufacturing while elevating the features of those display devices.


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