Two-Touch Resistive Controller

Patented two-touch solution ideal for challenging environments

Two-Touch Resistive Controller

A D Metro’s patented two-touch resistive controller, along with A D Metro’s 5-wire resistive sensors (standard or ULTRA) deliver a unique two-touch solution that’s ideal for applications in challenging environments requiring pinch, zoom and rotate functions, such as outdoor marine and military applications.

Two-touch resistive touch systems have the advantages of easy integration, low total system cost, thick glove or stylus input, full EMC immunity, and the ability to work when dirty, wet or even when immersed in salt water. Add two-touch gestures to all of this without compromising your sensor choice or one-touch operation.

A D Metro’s two touch resistive controller communicates using USB.  It is compatible with built-in touch drivers of most operating systems that have USB HID compatibility.

A D Metro ships two-touch resistive controllers pre-configured for optimum performance with your selected sensor. See our standard resistive and ULTRA resistive sensor catalogs to choose a compatible sensor or contact A D Metro for assistance.

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2-touch controller for 5-wire resistive sensor. USB interface only.


USB-A Controller Cable, 6 ft (about 2m)

Compatible Sensors

Two touch functionality is available with our 1.85 mm and 2.85 mm ITO substrate glass, 5-wire resistive sensors, for sensor sizes up to 28” for standard resistive (non-armored), and for sensor sizes up to 21.3” for 0.1 mm ULTRA microglass, and for sensor sizes up to 15.5” for 0.145 mm ULTRA microglass. Please refer to our Resistive Sensor Catalog to identify these sensors.


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How do Ultra Resistive Touch Screen Sensors Work?

An ULTRA resistive touch screen sensor works in the same way as a resistive touch screen sensor. A resistive touch screen sensor is an analogue switch technology that is pressure activated. Two conductive coated layers (usually using Indium Tin Oxide [ITO]), facing each other, are separated by a layer of dielectric spacer dots. When pressure is applied to the top surface, the two layers come into contact and the controller locates the touch point. To determine the x and y coordinates, in 4- and 8-wire sensors a voltage gradient is applied to each layer in turn; and in 5-wire sensors the resistance is measured between the top layer and each of the four corners of the base layer.

For more information on popular touch screen technologies, please download our whitepaper.

Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

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