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How A D Metro Makes Infrared Touchscreens More Useful through LCIR Technology?

In recent times, IR (Infrared) touchscreens have gained popularity as an excellent alternative to conventionally used touchscreens. Infrared touchscreens are preferred over projected capacitive and resistive touch technologies for applications that require advanced yet cost-effective solutions. In particular, for applications of large sizes, Infrared touchscreens appear to be an economical choice than other touch technologies available on the market.

Moreover, the simple construction of the IR touch technology makes it even more feasible to integrate into required devices. Some Infrared touch sensors are designed with no substrate glass or conductive coatings on them. This prevents degradation of the display’s image since there’s no glass cover over the display as in resistive and capacitive touch sensors. IR (infrared) touchscreen technology offers flexibility to custom design an application by simply adjusting the number of LEDs and photo-detectors embedded over the frame.

To extend the application of IR touch technology, A D Metro has introduced innovative Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) touch technology. LCIR touchscreens are recommended for critical user input in automotive, aviation, medical applications, and all markets where an ultra-reliable touchscreen function is required.

A D Metro’s Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) touch technology functions seamlessly even when exposed to challenging environments such as strong radio frequency interference (RFI) and luminous sunlight interference, such as strobing sunlight in helicopters.

LCIR (Infrared) touch technology by A D Metro has been engineered with the following features.

  • Optical clarity: Since there is no substrate glass used in the construction of innovative LCIR (infrared) touchscreens, the display offers maximum contrast with 100 % optical clarity.
  • Sunlight Immunity: LCIR touchscreens are 100 % immune to sunlight. This allows seamless operations of applications in any light conditions.
  • EMI and RFI immunity: A D Metro has made LCIR touchscreens 100% EMI and RFI immune, so there will be no loss of touch response.
  • Multi-touch: To enhance the functionality of navigation applications, LCIR touchscreens are equipped with reliable two-touch functionality.
  • Glove and Stylus Operated: LCIR touchscreens can be activated through gloved hands and a stylus of 5mm, so the display can be operated without distractions.

Application of A D Metro’s LCIR Touch Technology
The above features make A D Metro’s LCIR technology suitable for touch displays fitted in avionics, automotive, nautical systems and particularly those applications where high-resolution displays are used such as in mapping, targeting and radar. These features, in combination, make these advanced IR (infrared) touchscreens perfect for aircraft navigation systems where the displays commonly use circular polarizers for contrast enhancement and glare/reflectivity control where sensor glass over top would diminish the polarizers effectiveness.

LCIR touchscreens offer a reliable two-touch function that is responsive and accurate, making them perfect for navigation applications. They also overcome operator distractions like loss of touch response due to RF interference and insufficient display contrast caused by bright or strobing sunlight.

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