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IR Infrared Touch Screens

Role of Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) Touch Screens in Avionics

With advanced touch screen technologies, pilots have access to the latest and user-friendly navigation systems to interact with their aircraft and its systems. They have incredible ways to interact with information faster and have more control over systems. In addition, airlines are improving their customer services through touch displays used for in-flight entertainment.

But the major challenge of avionics is bright sunlight interference that further leads to readability issues. Displays can get washed out by sunlight, making it difficult to see anything. To overcome this issue, A D Metro has introduced advanced IR-infrared touch screens known as Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) touch technology.

Here is how touch screens take avionics to the next level and what role A D Metro’s LCIR technology plays.

Aircraft Navigation System:
Manufacturers’ efforts to give their flight control systems additional capabilities have resulted in high-definition screens being used to display crucial data. Pilots are provided access to airspeed, altitude and other aircraft and navigational data via simple-to-read and adjust screen panels that may store more information than a conventional instrument panel. Touch displays support specific applications for communication, navigation, and surveillance.

For pilots, quick responsiveness to instrumentation is critical since flying conditions can change abruptly and touch displays are effective for fast response. Through innovative touch screen navigation systems, aircraft can respond to a pilot’s touch instructions in as little as 6 milliseconds. Another essential feature is the ability to differentiate intentional and unintentional touch inputs. Built-in redundancy features keep the system in control as pilots may swipe, pinch, and use other multi-touch inputs to monitor flight systems.

A D Metro advanced infrared (IR) technology – LCIR touch screens offer responsive and accurate single and two-touch functions, which make them perfect for navigation applications. LCIR also overcomes operator distractions such as loss of touch response due to RF interference and insufficient display contrast caused by bright or strobing sunlight. Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) touch technology by A D Metro offers 100% sunlight and EMI & RFI immunity. Since LCIR is a frame-based touch system, there is no substrate glass used in its construction that might impede the display by reflectivity, graininess, or transmissivity. There is nothing between the operator’s eye and the actual display.

In-flight Entertainment for Passengers:
Passengers on long flights often look for an entertainment system. Therefore, to enhance customer services, airlines have equipped aircraft with in-flight entertainment screens behind every seat. Passengers can watch movies or other entertainment on them, but the challenge is bright sunlight exposure that may make it difficult to see the screen.

A D Metro’s LCIR touch technology has emerged as the most reliable solution offering 100% optical clarity. So passengers can watch entertainment even in bright sunlight.

These touch displays for entertainment are subjected to continuous usage by a large number of passengers, so they are required to handle abuse so they last longer.

LCIR technology – the innovative development in IR (Infrared) touch screens by A D Metro, provide seamless operation of aircraft’s in-flight entertainment displays with responsive and accurate single and two-touch functions. In addition, LCIR touch screens can sustain pressure extremes as they have no moving parts or air gaps like resistive touch screens to limit optical performance.

A D Metro’s LCIR touch technology turns touch screens in the aviation industry into a reality by providing 100% optical clarity with maximum contrast, even in strobing sunlight. In fact, with responsiveness, accuracy and reliable two-touch functionality, A D Metro’s LCIR touch solution becomes an excellent choice for markets that require multi-touch but face difficulty integrating projected capacitive touch screens.


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