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Durable Touch Screens

ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens: The Most Reliable & Durable Solution for Rugged Applications

Whether in retail or wholesale, touch screens have a wide range of applications almost in every area. These touch applications are designed to simplify and accelerate the operational process. For example, banks incorporate user-friendly ATMs to facilitate their customers with swift banking services.

However, applications such as ATMs, Kiosks, point of sales (POS) and point of information (POI) systems are greatly exposed to wear and tear, as they are used by countless people and handled carelessly. Thus they require being fitted with cutting-edge and highly durable touch screens. Considering these issues and to deliver indispensable reliability with a low risk of failure for rugged display applications, A D Metro offers ULTRA Resistive touch screens to design more durable applications. These applications can withstand a substantial amount of stress and maintain a high degree of functionality even in harsh conditions.

The armored ULTRA Resistive touch screens are impervious to dirt, oil, grease, and chemicals as well as are scratch and vandal resistant. ULTRA Resistive touch screen technology is perhaps the toughest one available on the market They are made of A D Metro’s patented durable borosilicate glass surface best suited for outdoor ATMs and other electronic kiosks. ULTRA combines the operational advantages of resistive touch sensors with the durability of a glass surface.

Operates Reliably with Gloved Fingers & Stylus
Touch screen applications like kiosks, ATMs, POS, etc., are used to deliver easy self-service solutions to customers or sales personnel. A D Metro’s ULTRA Resistive touch screens are pressure activated and thus offer simple touch operation. Users can initiate a touch action using bare fingers, any type of gloved fingers or any stylus. Capacitive touch screens, which are commonly used in POS systems, can only be operated with very thin gloved fingers.

ULTRA Resistive touch screens are exceptionally durable and remain unscratched even if a sharp object is used to control them. Scratch resistance is a significant quality factor for touch screens since it is not feasible to ensure careful handling of rugged and unattended applications.

ULTRA Resistive touch screens can be reliably operated by bare fingers or wearing any kind of gloves, or . In addition, the touch application can be reliably operated even with contaminants on the screen, such as rain, ice, oil, grease, food, dirt, dust, etc.

Unaffected by Water & Chemical Cleaning Agents
Integrated touch displays like kiosks or ATMs are utilized by many different individuals. Careless handling causes contamination or even the accidental pouring of fluids on the touch displays. A D Metro’s ULTRA Resistive touch screens are impervious to water, oil and most chemicals, so they are easy to clean using any solvents and disinfectants. They are completely waterproof allowing reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions like rain.

Vandal-Proof and Weather-Resistant
With a durable borosilicate glass surface, ULTRA Resistive touch screens are particularly designed to construct rugged applications. Touch screen applications with ULTRA’s construction are impact-resistant and can be used over an extended range of operating environments. They offer unparalleled reliability that has been tested over 200 million touch operations and are safe from vandals. ULTRA Resistive touch screens support intuitive, flexible and interactive touch screen applications that will be used in the most demanding and extreme environments.

When it comes to choosing durable touch screens for extensively used kiosks and other outdoor applications, A D Metro’s ULTRA Resistive touch screens appear to be the perfect choice. They offer ideal performance characteristics required for a wide range of commercial, industrial and military applications where rugged durability and reliability are required. Overall, ULTRA Resistive touch screens are the most cost-effective, reliable and durable resistive touch screen sensors for rugged and outdoor applications on the market.

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