Touchscreen Industry Trends to Dominate in 2024

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The touchscreen landscape has evolved a lot over the years as various industries leverage the benefits of this innovative solution, and interactive touchscreen kiosks make up a big part of it. Touchscreen kiosks have, in fact, set a new standard for service delivery in different sectors. The projections indicate interactive kiosks will rise at a […]

Why do Industrial Touch Screen Manufacturers Use Resistive Touch Technology?

Resistive Touch Screens

The touch screen industry has taken a big leap over the years, in terms of technology and functionality. However, regardless of several advanced touch technologies, manufacturers of industrial displays still trust resistive touch screens. A D Metro, the top manufacturer, and supplier of an innovative range of touch screens, has elevated the features and functions […]

How Resistive Touch Screens are Made Capable to Stand Modern Devices’ Demands

Resistive Touch Screens

Touch screens have become quite familiar things, especially with their existence in our daily life such as in smartphones, computers, ATMs, or grocery store checkouts. Moreover, businesses like restaurants have integrated touch displays for easy ordering and payment at the table itself. While individuals are constantly tapping and swiping screens, only a few know how […]

Reasons to Use Resistive Touch Screens

Resistive Touchscreens

Touch screen technology has taken a big leap in terms of facilitating the best user experience. This has become possible with several different options of touch screens available on the market, fulfilling the requirements of diverse applications. A widely used type is resistive touch screens which is a conventional touch solution used in the industry […]