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A D Metro’s Touchscreen Innovations That Raise the Functionality of Touch Applications

Touchscreen technology has come a long way and has greatly transformed the usage of applications fitted with touch sensors. A D Metro, one of the top-notch touchscreen suppliers in the market, has played a crucial role in driving innovation in the touchscreen industry. For more than 30 years, A D Metro has been constantly supplying innovative solutions elevating the primary features of different touchscreens. This has largely benefited original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators and value-added resellers, manufacturing consumer-grade, industrial, and other rugged touch applications.

Here are the major touchscreen innovations introduced by A D Metro, which have improved the usage of standard and basic touchscreen sensors available on the market.

Projected Capacitive Touch Technology with ARGON Controller
A D Metro’s projected capacitive (PCAP) touch innovation stands out from what other suppliers offer. PCAP touchscreens by A D Metro come with a patented group controller, in which a common controller serves a different range of screen sizes to simplify design and reduce inventory costs. This group controller also offers USB-HID compatibility with major operating systems, simplified product development, and accelerated time to market.

Besides this, A D Metro offers ARGON PCAP controller – a revolutionary and one-of-its-kind controller engineered with intelligent technology to automatically adapt to sensors. This smart age controller automatically senses the channels and sensor size; hence making it compatible with various applications.
A D Metro’s ARGON controller doesn’t require any tuning software to set its parameters- like sensitivity, orientation, and number of touch points, enabling easy integration in an application without programming. This is especially helpful for OEMs who look forward to using PCAP touchscreens in their applications with just one powerful controller to manage different sensor sizes.

Linear Correlating Infrared Touch Technology
Infrared touch technology has gradually become a popular touchscreen among OEMs. However, there are certain limitations to use for demanding applications. A D Metro has therefore designed innovative Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) touch technology, taking infrared touchscreens usage to the next level. LCIR has emerged as an excellent choice for applications that require multi-touch operations but face difficulty in integrating PCAP technology. Unlike basic IR touch technology, A D Metro’s LCIR touchscreens offer 100% sunlight immunity, including strobing sunlight as with helecopters, and optical clarity with maximum contrast. It also offers reliable two-touch functionality and input compatibility with gloves and a 5mm stylus. LCIR technology is suitable for applications that require high-resolution displays for example touchscreens fitted in avionics, automotive and nautical systems for mapping, targeting, and radar.

ULTRA-Resistive Touch Technology
Standard resistive touchscreens do not offer durability and waterproof features. To overcome these limitations, A D Metro has innovated ULTRA armored resistive touchscreens as an advanced and durable yet economical solution. Standard resistive touchscreens are usually designed with polyethylene surfaces, but ULTRA resistive touchscreens are made with durable borosilicate glass surfaces to provide durability. It allows applications to withstand a high degree of pressure and is perfect for industrial, military, and other outdoor touch applications. Also, A D Metro’s ULTRA-resistive touchscreens are completely waterproof and can work underwater reliably.

These are just a few top-rated innovations by A D Metro that have driven the revolution in the touchscreen industry. These innovative touchscreen solutions are perfect to address the specific requirements of commercial, industrial, and rugged applications.

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