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Ultra Resistive Touch Screens

A D Metro’s ULTRA Resistive TOUCH SCREENS: Durable Solution for MOBILE DATA COLLECTION Devices

Data collection is a crucial part of business operations in areas such as mail carriers, restaurants and bars. With touch screen based mobile devices, the process of data collection has become smooth, efficient and simple. Operators find touch devices more accurate and faster to use and can use them in a variety of environments.

Therefore, being an OEM, you need to be very considerate when selecting the components for data collection applications. Most importantly, the interface i.e., touch screens, should be sustainably durable for a flawless user experience regardless of any condition.

A D Metro manufactures ULTRA resistive touch screens that are the most reliable and durable solutions suitable to construct mobile data collection devices. The glass armored ULTRA resistive touch screens significantly increase the performance and lifespan of devices using ULTRA even if they are used roughly or mishandled. The patented borosilicate glass surface ensures the longer life and serviceability of touch applications used for data collection.

Read on to learn why A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screen is the ultimate choice of OEMs for manufacturing data collection devices.

Data collection applications are sometimes operated by untrained or part-time workers. They might not remain careful while handling these devices. Often in hurry, attendants in restaurants or parcel delivery personnel are not always careful with their work equipment. They often will use a ballpoint pen or fingernails to operate the touch screen. Taking this into account equipment for such usage needs to be designed with an armored touch interface.

Therefore, OEMs trust ULTRA resistive touch screens that can withstand abusive usage of the display devices. The borosilicate glass surface of ULTRA, with a featured hardness of 6.5 Mohs, ensures the durability of the equipment. The tough glass surface is resistant to almost any kind of scratches and abrasion.

Moreover, just like standard resistive touch screens, ULTRA also uses pressure activated technology for operations and requires an activation force of less than 80g. It means, users can operate the device with a stylus or bare or gloved fingers.

The touch display of a mobile data collection device is thus optimally designed for inappropriate handling and negligence. It can hardly be damaged and functions consistently even with scratches and abrasions on the screen.

Another set of challenges in mobile data collection jobs is the rugged environment. Sometimes delivery agents have to be on their job even during rain, or at restaurants, waiters might accidentally spill a drink on the interactive display installed over the counter. Any such conditions must not interrupt the work operations, therefore, the data collection devices are designed with durable touch screens that are resistant to moisture, dirt, most chemicals and water.

A D Metro’s armored ULTRA resistive touch screens are designed with waterproof external glass layers that make them impervious to water and other contaminants. ULTRA’s PET/Glass switch layer doesn’t allow moisture to seep through it as is the case over time with standard resistive. The waterproof quality of ULTRA resistive touch screens increase the operational life of devices equipped with it.

Even cleaning the ULTRA resistive display poses no problem as the touch screen is resistant to all chemicals and does not affect the borosilicate glass surface.


Long story short, when it comes to durable touch screens, A D Metro’s armored ULTRA resistive touch technology is the best option you can trust for data collection devices. You can explore the various enhancements available to precisely meet your specific touch screen needs.


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