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Durable Touch Screens

Advantages of Durable Touchscreens in Businesses

Touchscreens have become an integral component of today’s competitive business practices. Whether it is the service industry, a retail environment, a medical facility, the gaming industry, or a military base, it’s essential that their touchscreen technology is completely up-to-date and suitable to sustain daily working conditions and different environments.

Even simple mobile devices exhaustively used by people come equipped with advanced and durable touchscreens allowing them to withstand abusive use. Touchscreen technology in industrial applications sees relatively greater use and harsher conditions, hence it needs to be taken step further.

Incorporating rugged displays into industrial practices offers several advantages and added conveniences. Here’s a closer look at some of those.

Immune to Surface Scratching:
For industries that require touch applications installed outdoors or used for performing heavy manual labor, they need devices strong enough to handle extreme situations. Many manufacturing and production companies are designing tablets, phones, and laptops to survive harsh weather conditions, exposure to dust and water, abusive usage and even being dropped from heights. These features are attributed to rugged touchscreens as they help prevent the display surface on these devices from being scratched or severely damaged, rendering them useless.

Impervious to Strong Natural Lighting:
Outdoor devices are exposed to strong lighting by the sun. This causes a lot of inconveniences, as the sun causes a lot of bright reflectivety on the screen, making it dark and difficult to read. It hinders performing high-quality work and recording important data accurately.
However, touchscreen technology has evolved to endure perilous rays of the sun and another ambient lighting. It has made kiosks and other outdoor applications accessible in over- lighting conditions and function with full potential.

Controlling Accidental Touch:
Contemporary rugged display devices come equipped with innovative structural features that eliminate the chances of accidental touch. This is an extremely helpful feature to prevent false touch actions and recording inaccurate or wrong data. A D Metro’s innovative ULTRA resistive touchscreens are the most preferred choice for industrial applications that require accurate data collection. ULTRA being the pressure operated touch sensor and resistant to any contaminants (dust, water, oil or grease) leaves no room for ‘ghost’ touches allowing accurate operation.

Emphasize Durability:
The durability of touchscreens is an essential factor in touch applications. A D Metro, being the leading manufacturer of a variety of touchscreens emphasize designing and developing the products combined with sturdiness. It is the resilience and sturdiness of touchscreens that contribute to the substantial lifespan of applications enabling them to survive all types of working and weather conditions.

A D Metro is committed to providing OEMs and other manufacturing companies across all industries with top-quality rugged and durable touchscreen solutions. They offer commercial-grade touchscreens designed for durability, ease of integration and weatherproof construction along with vandal resistant options.

For applications that require multi-touch and gesture control, they can provide projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens, and for outdoor, all-weather applications, they provide patented ULTRA resistive touchscreens. Their touchscreens are made to align the intuitive ease of use and reliability that are critical to the customers’ experience and satisfaction while using a touch application.


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