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ARGON PCAP Controller

ARGON PCAP Controller: Intelligent Controller that Self-Programs

The Touchscreen industry has come quite far in terms of technology. Inspired by automation and innovations, A D Metro recently introduced their ARGON PCAP Controller in the market. Designed, in particular, for Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch sensor technology, the ARGON controller has elevated its features and functionalities to the next level.

PCAP touchscreens are becoming a primary choice for high-tech devices today. In fact, they have completely changed the way people interact with machines. This technology has enabled features like scrolling, pinching, and zoom-in and out images on mobile devices. ARGON PCAP Controllers gives way to reinforcing this technology, ensuring smooth and efficient operations at all times.

What is ARGON PCAP Controller?
A D Metro’s innovative ARGON PCAP Controller is an intelligent controller that self-programs. It automatically senses and adapts to a wide range of off-the-shelf sensor sizes, formats and cover glasses. There’s no need for dedicated hardware drivers to make it compatible with an operating system. This controller comprises a built-in configuration utility, allowing adjustment of orientation, touch sensitivity and maximum concurrent touches.

The ARGON PCAP controller is designed with many unique features that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Key Features of ARGON PCAP Controller:

  1. This advanced controller automatically senses USB, I2C or RS232 (3.3V) connection and reports touch coordinates accordingly.
  2. It automatically sets the best-performing touch sensitivity during the auto setup function.
  3. It supports sensor sizes up to 24” with larger sizes in development.
  4. ARGON PCAP controllers have the ability to sense the kind of water contamination on the sensor and adjusts signal processing automatically to confront it.

Advantages of Using ARGON PCAP Controller
ARGON PCAP Controller has no wonder revolutionized the touchscreen industry through its wide range of benefits. Most importantly, it has simplified inventory for manufacturers requiring to implement PCAP in their product offering but needs just one controller to handle all sensor size requirements.

In comparison to standard resistive technology, which is known for ease of integration, ARGON PCAP Controllers offer similar ease of integration. This is especially helpful for field servicing as manufacturers no longer need to keep matching controller configurations or track firmware loads to ensure the right controller is transported to the location.

Benefits of ARGON PCAP Controller

  • Uses standard PCAP sensor sizes from 7” to 24”.
  • Automatically senses sensor channels and, therefore, the size of the sensor.
  • It allows setting the orientation, sensitivity, the number of touches required (from 1 to 10) and many other useful parameters through its built-in setup mode.
  • Does not need any drivers to operate, making it compatible with any operating system that can operate with a mouse.

A D Metro’s ARGON PCAP Controller has no downside over conventional Projected Capacitive technology. Where standard PCAP touchscreen technology requires tuning by the supplier through software to set orientation, a number of required touches, sensitivity, etc., the intelligent ARGON PCAP controller does away with these impediments by automatically adapting to various sensor sizes, formats and cover glasses.


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