Benefits of Using 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

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Getting a touchscreen for your business or personal use needs consideration on many points. You should think over the types of touchscreen technology needed to operate the device based on different factors like the application, cost, operation, usage, and environment where the device is to be used. However, when it comes to an economical solution with reliability and durability in touchscreens, 5-wire resistive touch screens appears to be the best one.

An extensive list of benefits makes 5-wire resistive touch sensors the ideal solution for a variety of applications.

Ten Advantages of 5-wire resistive touch screens.

  • Touchscreens reliant only on human capacitance doesn’t solve the purpose every time. A touch sensor that can be operated through a stylus or gloved finger, other than a bare finger, becomes the ultimate choice. 5-wire resistive touch screens thus make an excellent candidate. It can easily detect touch commands through a bare finger, stylus or even a heavily gloved finger. On pressing the surface of this touchscreen, the top layer comes in contact with the layer at the bottom. The electrodes in the bottom locate the touch command given by a stylus or finger which can be either gloved or bare.
  • Durability is the foremost thing people consider while choosing touchscreens. The best thing about a 5-wire resistive touchscreen is that it can sustain damage to the top layer. Therefore, devices with this touchscreen are known to be much durable than many of their counterparts. The fact is, it is made of two layers, and the layer that measures voltage is on the bottom. Even if the top layer gets damaged, these touch sensors still will work.
  • In comparison to 4-wire touch screens, it has a much longer life, almost over ten times to be precise
  • Another amazing benefit that makes 5-wire resistive touchscreens widely used is their resistance to water and contaminant. This allows applications in devices that are mostly exposed to rugged environments and heavy usage.
  • 5-wire resistive touchscreens are highly sensitive to touch and have a fast response time.
  • They consume low power, so applications such as with portable equipment makes them desirable.
  • 5-wire resistive touch screens are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can cause malfunctions from electrical noise.
  • It features 3H surface hardness that is yet another way to extend the life of this touch panel. It makes the touch screen scratch and chemical resistant while preserving touch accuracy and panel’s optical quality.
  • Glass armoured versions such as A D Metro’s ULTRA series can extend operational life even further to over 230 million touches.
  • Last but the most crucial point, its production cost is quite low, making it a cost-effective solution for heavy industrial use.



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