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Durable Touchscreens

Durable Touch Screen Solutions to Improve Workplace Efficiency

Touch screen technology has completely revolutionized the way people interact with various things around them. Touch applications have become a prominent part of our lives and are used to do almost everything from checking weather updates to banking online. In fact, touch screen technology is fast penetrating the workplace environment and is widely accepted for the number of advantages it offers. Particularly, with durable touch screens, the usage of touch applications becomes practical and feasible in the workplace.

Here’s how touch screen technology can improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Product Longevity
Touch screen applications can last for several years when well-maintained and cared for. In fact, they have a longer lifespan than the majority of computers and other devices. Many touch screens are durable enough to withstand many millions of touches, making them a smart investment that will return far more value than they cost.

More Commands
In general, touch screens provide more options and capabilities than non-touchscreen devices, enabling employees to complete more tasks efficiently. If the device is integrated with a touch screen and offering multi-touch capabilities such as with Projected Capacitive Touch Screens, inputs like pinching to zoom in and out will be useful in carrying out the task with great precision.

Increased Productivity
Having touch screen devices in the workplace, you may probably see an instant improvement in employee productivity. With touch screens, staff can do their jobs effortlessly, quickly, and conveniently while staying organized. It improves the efficiency of overall operations, which immediately translates into higher profits.

Employee Satisfaction
Touch screen technology enables staff to work smarter and more efficiently, improving their sense of job satisfaction. Since touch devices are highly interactive and easy to use with simple natural movements which are intuitive. Employees usually prefer touch screens over other types of input devices. When they get such smart and interactive tools to work, employees feel more motivated and take more of an interest in their job.

Easier Data Access
Since many touch screen devices are portable, accessing data or getting online whenever and wherever needed is now easier than ever.

Touch Screen Technology for Workplace Applications

A D Metro, the manufacturer and supplier of innovative solutions in touch screen technology, offers the most interactive and durable touch screens for applications to use at workplaces.

  • Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
  • ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens

Projected Capacitive Touch Screens: When it comes to user-friendly multi-touch experience, Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens become the obvious choice for touch applications. They allow device operation with a very light touch through a highly durable glass surface and are available with privacy screens, or vandal-proof glass. PCAP touch screens offer a high level of contrast, optical clarity, and excellent visual experience making them ideal for use in applications designed for workplace usage. In addition, multi-gesture support, such as swiping, rotating, zooming and pinching, enables quick and efficient work operations.

ULTRA-Resistive Touch Screens: Touch applications used at the workplace are generally exposed to rough handling and countless touches. Thus, touch sensors with rugged durability and reliability are required, and nothing can beat A D Metro’s armored ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens for durable solutions. ULTRA Resistive touch screens are scratch and vandal-resistant, which means they are exceptionally durable and remain unscratched even if a sharp object is used for operations. ULTRA Resistive touch screens are tested over 200 million same-point touch operations and support intuitive, flexible, and interactive touch screen applications used in the most demanding environments. They also can operate in any weather conditions and are pressure activated unlike PCAP

Bottom Line:
PCAP and ULTRA Resistive represent two durable touch screens for applications used in industrial, commercial, or office environments. Every feature of these touch sensor technologies contributes to efficient workplace operations, thereby increasing productivity.



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