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ULTRA resistive touch screens

Enhancing Durability & Reliability of Displays with ULTRA Resistive Touch Technology

A D Metro’s patented ULTRA resistive touch screens have revolutionized the ways we interact with display applications. These durable and reliable touch screens are utilized in a diverse range of industries, perfectly blending technology with enhanced user experience. Moreover, ULTRA resistive touch screens are specifically designed to perform flawlessly in harsh environments, making them excellent for industrial use. As this touch technology detects touch input through pressure, ULTRA provides accurate touch control unlike any other, making it a critical component in harsh, outdoor, and unattended kiosk applications.

There are several more features that make ULTRA resistive touch screens durable to use with a variety of applications. Here are the key features:

Operating Temperature:
ULTRA resistive touch screens have a wider operating temperature range and are appropriate for all-weather use. They can be operated under a range of -35°C to +70°C. The improved temperature tolerance capabilities of ULTRA contribute to the application’s operating life even when used continuously.

Compatible with Gloved Fingers & Stylus:
A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens are pressure activated, allowing for simple touch operation. Users can initiate a touch action using bare fingers, gloved fingers, or a stylus. This is especially useful in applications such as kiosks, ATMs, and point-of-sale (POS) that are used to provide simple self-service solutions to customers or sales professionals.

Screen Durability:
The ULTRA resistive touch sensors are constructed from A D Metro’s patented borosilicate glass surface, having a hardness of 6.5 Mohs. This makes the ULTRA resistive touch screens extremely durable.

Moreover, the glass surface is scratch, abrasion, and vandal-resistant. With a large number of users operating unattended kiosks, there is a substantial danger of tampering and maltreatment. Thus, ULTRA resistive touch screens appear to be an excellent option for such applications. Even when abused by a sharp object, the touch sensors perform flawlessly due to their superior impact resistance characteristics.

Impervious to Contaminants:
ULTRA resistive touch screens are impermeable to oil, chemicals, dust, and dirt and function unaffected even when these pollutants are on the screen. ULTRA touch sensors combine revolutionary features with the advantages of standard resistive touch screens. ULTRA resistive touch screens are pressure activated, and no amount of dust or dirt interferes with the functioning of applications.

Decent Optical Quality:
A D Metro provides ULTRA resistive touch screens with high light transmission and anti-glare properties. This results in improved image display visibility all the time. Furthermore, A D Metro offers three distinct enhancement choices to improve the optical quality of different applications. There are anti-reflective coatings, anti-glare matte finishes along with an anti-Newton ring, and a hydrophobic coating for fingerprint resistance.

Waterproof Quality:
A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens are unique touch sensors capable of operating reliably under shallow water. ULTRA is designed with a waterproof exterior glass layer that protects the sensor against water and moisture exposure. Furthermore, the PET/Glass switch layers of ULTRA resistive touch screens prevent moisture from seeping in, allowing the sensors to function reliably even in adverse weather conditions or accidental liquid spills.

A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens emerge to be highly durable touch screens for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Besides durability, ULTRA is trusted for its economical solution, waterproof feature, and simple operation.

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