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Durable Touch Screens

Features of Durable Touchscreens Needed for Kiosk Applications

As kiosks are becoming more popular in many industries, resilience is the crucial feature for business kiosks that users often look for.

Therefore, OEMs (Optical Equipment Manufacturers) particularly require durable touchscreens that offer numerous distinctive advantages over standard options available on the market.

Why Kiosks require Durable Touchscreen Solution:

  1. To withstand harsh usage per day by hundreds or thousands of users;
  2. To provide consistent use over a long time;
  3. To stay functional even when exposed to extreme weather conditions- abusive sunlight, heavy rain, or high temperatures.

For all these reasons, outdoor kiosks need to be designed with rugged touchscreens that ensure long-lasting benefits, superior durability, and improved cost savings in the long term. A D Metro offers the industry’s two best options for durable touchscreens-

  1. Ultra-Resistive touchscreen
  2. Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen.

Here in this blog, learn about the specific features and functions required in a durable touchscreen for kiosks with solutions offered by A D Metro.

Waterproof Touchscreen
Digital kiosks that have to be used outdoors, in a drive-thru or ticketing or parking management, need to be completely waterproof as they remain exposed to rain. The ability to withstand wet conditions largely depends on the enclosure compatibility of touchscreens.

A D Metro’s Ultra Resistive touchscreens are designed with enclosure compatibility of IP67, ideal for ensuring the durability of kiosks. It guarantees a great level of protection and immunity to water and moisture, so the kiosks remain operational even in harsh environments.

Sunlight Readability
When a kiosk is installed in an outdoor environment, it is exposed to extreme sun that can potentially obstruct the viewing screen. As result visibility and readability of the kiosk significantly drop. Durable touchscreens for kiosks also feature sunlight-readable technology such as strong anti-reflection properties and optically bonded glass to keep the display readable even in the brightest lighting. This you can find better in innovatively designed Ultra-Resistive or PCAP touchscreens by A D Metro.

Temperature Tolerance
It is difficult to control the temperature in commercial settings and impossible in an open natural environment. Hence, in both instances, the kiosks are exposed to fluctuations in temperature, as well as, extreme conditions. It can potentially render a standard touchscreen kiosk inoperable. Durable touchscreens have greater tolerance capabilities to extended temperature ranges, allowing consistent use in commercial and outdoor environments.

A D Metro offers the two most popular durable touchscreen options with a great temperature tolerance range. Its Ultra-resistive touchscreens can be operated under -35°C to +80°C, while the innovative PCAP touchscreens can sustain -10°C to +60°C.

Custom Dimensions
Touchscreens can be customized with the specifications required in building kiosks. A D Metro provides a wide range of enhancement options for customization in both, Ultra-Resistive and PCAP touchscreens to make the most of these durable touchscreens.

Durable Touchscreens for Kiosks by A D Metro
A D Metro offers best-in-class options for durable touchscreens suitable to use in a wide range of rugged applications. A D Metro designs Ultra-Resistive and PCAP touchscreens to offer ideal solutions for achieving the highest standard of functionality in digital kiosks. Both these touchscreens are able to survive extremely harsh conditions and abusive usage and perform reliably in both indoor and outdoor environments.

For rugged applications requiring multi-touch and gesture control, projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens become an excellent choice. On the other hand, for outdoor, all-weather applications, nothing can match A D Metro’s patented Ultra-Resistive touchscreens.

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