How Durable Touch Screens Make Mobile Data Collection Jobs Easy

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Portable devices with touch displays have become common for data collection jobs in many sectors. Service-based companies, such as mail carriers, restaurants and bars, especially use touch screen displays in their portable devices. Touch screens considerably simplify operations and make work processes more efficient. Being intuitive and clear, workers do not require long training periods to learn about these smart interface solutions.
Often used by multiple staff and carried along for data collection, there could be risks of rough handling of portable touch devices. Therefore, almost every mobile or portable interface used in this area is built with durable touch screen solutions.

Touch Screen Solutions for Rugged Usage
For mobile and portable devices, durable touch screens play the role of the first line of defense against contaminants and potential damages. Robust technology is therefore essential to optimize the reliability and resilience of the screens on an ongoing basis.
A D Metro, the leading name in the touch screen industry, manufactures ULTRA resistive touch screens for mobile and portable devices for industrial use to significantly improve the durability of equipment compared to other standard resistive technologies.
What makes ULTRA the most satisfying choice for the devices used in a rugged environment is its borosilicate surface. It majorly contributes to the stability and long service life of the devices integrated with ULTRA resistive touch screens.

Scratch and Impact-Resistant
Portable data collection devices are often used by untrained and unskilled staff who do not necessarily handle equipment with the greatest care. For instance, parcel delivery staff or waiters in restaurants are mostly in a hurry, and often not careful with their order entry device. This is where the ULTRA resistive touch screen seems a good solution as it can withstand a lot of improper handling.
ULTRA resistive touch technology is an advanced standard resistive touch sensor innovation with similar pressure-activated touch screen operations. It is flawlessly operated by a finger, gloved hands or stylus, and the hard glass surface make it capable enough to sustain scratches by a ballpoint pen, long fingernails or even credit cards. As a result, there will be no interruption in work due to device damage.

Water-Resistant, Dirt-Repellent
Another reason setting ULTRA resistive touch screens apart is their resistance to moisture, dirt and cleaning agents and they are completely waterproof as well. For jobs like courier or parcel delivery that demands instant and faster service regardless of the weather conditions, the ULTRA resistive touch screen makes these operations reliable. This touch sensor allows operating the device even with contaminants on the screen, such as rain, oil, grease, food, dirt and dust. A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screen is made of a patented borosilicate glass surface that makes it completely water-proof and dirt-proof even after rigorous usage.

A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch technology helps the service sector with advanced and durable touch screens with mobile and portable data collection devices. They even offer different enhancements to meet almost any requirement.

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