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How ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens Overcome the Challenges of Outdoor Applications?

Think of an ATM placed on a rain-drenched street or a touch screen panel in a public telephone box. These touch panels remain perfectly functional, allowing unimpeded user interaction regardless of extreme weather conditions or impairment. That is the A D Metro difference.

When employed in an outside setting, every technology, regardless of purpose or application, must be carefully constructed. From extreme weather to security threats, installing commercial touch applications outdoors means added responsibilities on the manufacturer to guarantee unhindered functionality and safe usage of applications.

Poorly engineered touch screen panels might easily get damaged due to their incapability to sustain extreme outside conditions. If the touch screen fails, the entire device is rendered inoperable until service staff can fix or replace the screen. If the touch screen is inoperable such as rain, snow, or ice on a PCAP touch screen, then it is not usable so long as those conditions exist creating inconvenience for users. Hence, it is crucial that manufacturers integrate A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens in their applications, designed specifically for outdoor use.

Demands of Today’s Touch Screen Generation 

Having touch screens that ‘operate’ outside is not sufficient. They must function reliably, without any interruption in any weather condition. It’s a touch screen generation wherein touch devices are present everywhere. That said, touch screens are now considered a need rather than a luxury, and customers want touch panels to respond reliably regardless of the surroundings in which they are placed in. Incorporating a touch aspect into a business adds a degree of engagement, allowing consumers to actually ‘get to grips’ with your brand, service, or products. Outside touch panels, however, must perform as effortlessly and reliably as a tablet or smartphone which people are currently accustomed to.

Thus, outdoor touch screens must not only be able to endure adverse weather conditions but also meet the demands of today’s smartphone generation. They should be sensitive and durable regardless of the conditions they face. Quality touch performance of an outdoor application is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity.

Realizing these demands for outdoor applications, A D Metro offers ULTRA resistive touch screens for applications that require rugged durability and reliability.

How ULTRA resistive touch screens Overcome Different Impeding Conditions?

 Rain, Snow and Ice.

Rain is the most serious issue for any outdoor touch application. Water-resistance is now standard in all commercial touch applications, however, being resistant to water is inadequate for touch panels. They must work reliably when wet, which may be difficult for many types of capacitive touch panels commonly used in consumer electronics. Since they rely on human capacitance generated when pressed by the user’s finger, water can interfere with screen functionality. The same is true with snow and icing conditions.

A D Metro’s ULTRA prevents such water interference as it allows touch operations underwater indefinitely. ULTRA has a waterproof exterior glass covering to protect devices against water and moisture exposure. The glass/PET switch layer of ULTRA resistive touch screens do not allow moisture to migrate in through its outer surface and interfere with the sensor’s operation.

Extreme Temperatures

As said above, it’s a touch screen generation and touch applications are omnipresent. From freezing cold to hot and humid conditions, they are installed in all climates and environments. The heat from the sun, in addition to producing glare, may heat up the sensor in a touch screen and cause material failures. While freezing cold can interfere with the electrical operation of other types of touch screens. Also, users are likely to wear gloves in the cold when using outdoor touch applications.

Therefore, it is important to use touch screens that can withstand the extremities of temperature whether heat or cold. Also, they need to be extremely durable. ULTRA resistive touch screens cater well to these situations with a wide operating temperature range, making them appropriate for all-weather use. Some can be used in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +80°C. The improved temperature tolerance capability of this touch screen contributes to the application’s operational life regardless of frequent usage. Moreover, with pressure-activated operations, ULTRA can be reliably operated wearing any kind of gloves.


One of the most important issues for outdoor touch screens is their exposure to damage and vandalism. Whether the application is subjected to accidental plights as part of its service life or purposeful damage, tampering, or theft, an outdoor touch screen application should be able to handle damage efficiently.

ULTRA resistive touch screens have a tough borosilicate glass surface and are ideal for constructing rugged applications. Touch screen devices built with ULTRA are impact-resistant and provide unparalleled reliability.

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