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Major Innovations by A D Metro in Touchscreen Industry

In today’s technologically advanced world, demand and innovations go hand in hand. With the ever-increasing need for touch applications, many innovations and advancements have recently been witnessed in the touchscreen industry. However, with so many choices finding the perfect touchscreen for your application can be a little confusing. This is where the manufacturers and suppliers of innovative touchscreens can help.
And when it comes to innovations in touchscreens, there’s one name popular in the field- A D Metro.

A D Metro has been a successful global supplier of innovative touchscreen solutions since 1993. What makes A D Metro gain the competitive edge over others is its approach to continuously modifying its vision and strategy, ensuring its competitiveness through intense research and development. They have made a variety of contributions to the industry through different advanced patented solutions.

Here are some notable innovations by A D Metro that has revolutionized the touchscreen industry to a great extent.

ULTRA-Resistive Touch Technology
ULTRA resistive is the most innovative, economical and durable touchscreen currently available on the market. Standard resistive touchscreens are typically designed from polyethylene surfaces, whereas ULTRA resistive touchscreens are made of durable borosilicate glass surfaces to overcome the limitations of standard resistive touchscreens. It allows the applications to withstand a high degree of pressure, making ULTRA the perfect solution for industrial, military, and other outdoor touch applications. Its glass top layer is shatterproof and allows the sensor to continue to work even after extreme abuse.

Projected Capacitive Touch Technology with ARGON Controller
A D Metro stands out as the top touchscreen supplier, and one of the reasons behind this is the advanced ARGON controller that comes bundled with their PCAP touchscreens. It is a smart age controller designed with technology that enables it to automatically sense the channels and sensor size; hence making it compatible with a variety of applications.

A D Metro’s ARGON controller doesn’t require tuning software to set its parameters- such as orientation, sensitivity and number of touch points, and is easy to outfit in an application without programming. It is a big help for OEMs who want to use PCAP touchscreens in their application with just one powerful controller that can manage all the requirements of sensor size.

Linear Correlating Infrared Touch Technology
For infrared touch technology, A D Metro has the most innovative solution named Linear Correlating Infrared (LCIR) touch technology. It is an excellent choice for applications that require multi-touch operations but integrating PCAP technology is difficult for them. Unlike other IR technology, A D Metro’s LCIR (Infrared) touchscreen technology offers 100% sunlight immunity and optical clarity with maximum contrast. It also offers reliable two-touch functionality and input compatibility with gloves and a 5mm stylus.

A D Metro, one of the leading touchscreen suppliers, offers a wide range of touchscreens solutions designed in line with innovation to address the niche requirements of commercial, industrial and military applications. The above solutions by A D Metro are mainly embedded into kiosks, control panels, monitors, all-in-one PCs and mobile computing devices.


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