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The Next Generation Of ATM Is On Its Way

The next generation of ATMs is arriving in cities and in bank branches across the world. Touch screen cash machines are smaller than older ATMs, provide a superior customer experience, and help banks enable more banking functions at ATMs. Despite the challenge posed by mobile payments, banks are doubling down on cash machines and plan to incorporate more complex banking transactions, including cheque cashing, money orders, account transfers, loan initiation, and the ability to accept stacks of cheques or bills for businesses.

New ATMs demand better touch screens and at A D Metro, we have been building touch screens for kiosks, industry, and retail since 1993. The touch screens we supply are making it possible for banks to provide a better experience for ATM users.

Superior User Experience

Capacitive touch screens in ATMs simply provide a more intuitive experience for customers who are now used to using touch screens on a daily basis. Capacitive touch screens from A D Metro provide higher quality visuals, making video with tellers possible, and make it easier for bank customers to use. Capacitive touch screens are the first step toward creating a better user experience and our capacitive touch screens offer better economies than our competitors’, thanks to our common controller technology designed to work for a wide range of screen sizes. Contact us to learn about our touch screen technology and how you can save on design.

More Outdoor ATMs

As a new wave of ATMs replace tellers and branches, some banks will scale back their presence in low-traffic areas and leave ATMs behind. They can save space and reduce security concerns using outdoor ATMs, but they need to be built to withstand the climate. Outdoor ATMs can help bank branch locations struggling with squatters in their lobbies, provide superior 24-hour branch service, and reach neighborhoods without the cost of maintaining a branch.

For machines that face the elements, touch screen products for industrial markets make introducing outdoor ATMs a practical decision, even in markets with an unforgiving climate, such as cold and snowy winters or high precipitation throughout the year. There’s one A D Metro product, our ULTRA resistive touch screen, that’s made for outdoor ATMs. Designed to withstand everything from the weather to vandalism and extreme cold, it’s your most reliable touch screen option for an outdoor ATM.


Video cameras are being used in exciting new ways to improve security at ATMs. From allowing users to see who’s behind them while they make their transaction to facial recognition technology and reading QR codes, video cameras are playing a major role in the next generation of ATM. QR code scanning could also bring about the card-less ATM, where users only need their smartphone to access their accounts. It’s a big shift for banks that can help them provide higher-end services at automated branches and integrate mobile use as FinTech startups challenge traditional banking.

To meet the demands of the next generation ATM, give us a call today and ask us about our touch screens. OEMs can save money using our capacitive touch screens with common controllers, while our ULTRA resistive touch screen is the only option for outdoor ATMs.

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