Popular Touchscreen Technologies in 2021

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Touch technology is increasingly becoming refined and advanced with continuous developments and improvements. The year 2021 has not been left untouched by the progress in this technology. It has rather steered to enhance convenience factor and popularity of touch applications.
Let’s take a look at some popular durable touch screens that have been making big waves in 2021.

Surface Capacitive Touchscreen
Given its vandal-resistant glass membrane surface and excellent optical characteristics, the surface capacitive touchscreen is commonly used mostly in gaming applications. It comprises a transparent conductive layer on a glass substrate under a protective silicate layer. There’s an electrode at each corner of the conductive layer to which the controller applies a high-frequency signal. They only respond when there is a direct skin-to-screen touch; so when a finger is placed on the screen, it forms capacitive coupling with a resistance to ground that dissipates some of the signals. The change in signal at each corner is measured to locate the touch-point.

The surface capacitive touchscreen is operated using an electrically charged stylus pen or a bare human finger. While the features including, excellent optical clarity, good durability, minor scratch resistance, dust, and other non-conductive contaminants ensure a superior user experience.

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
Projected capacitive touchscreen technology supersedes surface capacitive touchscreen with two major features. Unlike surface capacitive touchscreen, projected capacitive touchscreen can also be activated with lightly gloved hands. So, the user doesn’t need to unnecessarily spend on buying special accessories like mobile phone gloves or a stylus pen for its operation. This touchscreen technology is of great use in environments that require them to wear surgical or plastic gloves.
Projected capacitive touchscreens have added advantage of the multi-touch activation feature. The screen can sense and respond to multiple touch-points. Crystal clear image, video quality and resistance quality to dust, scratches and other surface contaminants contribute to the durability of this touchscreen.

Ultra-Resistive Touchscreens
In 2021, another big name in the advanced touchscreen innovations is A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touchscreen. This unique ULTRA touch screen is the most economic, durable and reliable resistive touch screen in the market. It is designed with a patented durable borosilicate glass surface, making it scratch, abrasion and chemical resistant. To function, it combines the characteristics of a durable glass surface with resistive touch screen advantages.

ULTRA resistive touchscreens are the best pick for numerous commercial, industrial and military applications, requiring rugged durability and reliability. It is the top glass layer that helps reduce the ITO fracturing and pillowing of the touch surface. The touchscreen glass/polyester surface can survive being shattered and thus allows the sensor to continue operations even after extreme abuse or other forms of vandalism. The 5-wire version can also support 2-touch operation enabling pinch, zoom, and rotate functionality.

Bottom Line
The advancement in touch technology is constantly making its way to innovations. However, advanced touch technology is largely due to the manufacturers, like A D Metro, working in the background. Among the many names for reliable and innovative touch solutions, the one you can rely on is A D Metro. They are the leading supplier of ground-breaking touch screen technology to OEMs, systems integrators and value-added resellers.

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