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The Reliable and Compatible Touch Technology for Military Applications

In military environments, you don’t have just one. In fact, there are diverse sub-environments, each with its own unique set of challenges. But the question is, how does it impact the use of touch screens?

When it comes to the integration of touch screens in military applications, optical considerations become the key concern. Apart from this, it is required to withstand extreme conditions and operate seamlessly reliably. Screen failure in touch enabled devices of military use can turn into a disaster. There’s little room for the possibility of malfunctions in the field so reliability of the touch screen is critically important.

ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens for Military Use
Over the years, with advancements in technology, the touch screen industry is today one of the most reliable and efficient solutions for military equipment. A D Metro, one of the leading touch screen suppliers, offers extremely robust and reliable ULTRA resistive touch technology for military applications. It is a revolutionary addition to the market, representing the highest level of operational efficiency and durability.

Advantages of Ultra Resistive Touch Technology in Military
The purpose of using a touch screen in the military environment is to speed up and simplify handling of technical applications. ULTRA resistive technology keeps the operation simple as it is purely pressure-based technology, operated using a bare or gloved finger or a stylus pen. Moreover, it is 100-per cent waterproof, extremely robust, as well as scratch and spark-resistant that allows seamless functioning, even in rugged environments.

Durable glass surface for Scratch and Impact Resistance
Technical applications in military environment are constantly exposed to dust and dirt. But, that should not cause any damage as a result thereof. For instance, operating in desert regions require a durability of the touch screen equipment so it remains impervious to any contaminates or scratches due to coarse sand. A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screen is designed with a patented borosilicate glass surface that offers maximum resistance to scratches and abrasions. The durable glass surface ensures flawless functionality without special care. It’s easy for military personnel to operate the device in any situation without concern for care-of-use considerations.
Greatly Expanded Life Expectancy

Regular resistive touch screens usually have a life span of about 30 million touches for a 5-wire type when touched at the same spot with a bare finger. This is dramatically reduced with the use of a pointy stylus. The reason for this is the conductive coating on the top flexible layer of the touch screen. It is made of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) which is highly conductive and highly transparent but brittle being a ceramic material. With enough flexing with repeated touches, it begins to crack and eventually, with enough cracking, the ITO loses its conductivity causing failure. The sharper the bending, such as with stylus use, the faster the cracking. ULTRA resistive doesn’t have this problem. Because the borosilicate glass outer layer is stiffer its top flexible layer never allows bending of the ITO layer to be sharp enough to crack it, therefore, life expectancy is increased by as much as 10-fold.

Immunity Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interference
Regular resistive touch screens are inherently immune to Electro-Magnetic interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency interference (RFI). That is because the touch screen works with simple DC voltage and isn’t affected by any electrical noise. That is why military applications have favoured resistive technology despite some of its disadvantages. ULTRA, being a resistive based technology is no different. Resistive technology isn’t affected by electrical noise, but just as importantly, it doesn’t emit any either. The last thing you want to have happen in the field is for the enemy to listen in on your location by the electrical noise your equipment is making. Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technology has this problem because it operates with radio frequency and cannot be shielded from emitting it. ULTRA is also impervious to Electrical Magnetic Pulse (EMP) warfare as well and can’t be defeated by it.

Higher Tolerance for Hot & Cold Temperatures
Military forces often face harsh weather, like intensely hot and humid climates as well as severe cold conditions. Thus weather is one of the significant concerns to be considered while designing equipment used in military operations. A D Metro’s patented ULTRA resistive touch technology allows the application to remain fully functional at extreme temperatures, in snow, rain and even underwater. It can sustain operating temperature between -35°C to +70°C and storage between -40°C to +85°C.

Final Thoughts!
ULTRA resistive touch screens offer powerful solutions for different touch applications for military environment. Unlike Projected Capacitive touch screens, ULTRA’s immunity to EMI enables easy integration of this touch technology with any display type, without compromising touch operation. Overcoming most deficiencies with regular resistive technology, ULTRA is a perfect fit for front-line defence applications because it is rugged, durable, electrically stealthy, has a high life span, operates in any environment, and is pressure activated allowing use with a simple stylus or heavily gloved hand. 2-Touch functionality is also now possible with A D Metro’s new patented 2-touch resistive controller. Moreover, the brand name A D Metro itself adds value to the technology, as it is the top name among touch screen suppliers engaged in offering innovative solutions in touch screen technology.

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