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Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

The Unmatched Capabilities Offered by ULTRA Resistive Touch Screens for Seamless Functioning ATMs

In today’s smart age, banking without ATMs is rare. On the other hand, ATM technology has always relied on high-quality touch screens. These Automated Teller Machines are required to be strong, resilient, waterproof, vandal-resistant, and capable of functioning in extreme temperatures as found in outdoor environments. Moreover, they must also deliver an intuitive, smooth user experience. In fact, ATMs have remained at the forefront of innovations and developments in touch screen technology.

ATMs have been instrumental in promoting the concept of electronic kiosks that can withstand the harsh conditions of an outdoor setting while providing reliable operations. ATM functionality has also enhanced tremendously as touch screen technology has advanced over time. However, the primary objective of ATMs has always been to provide alternative banking functions such as cash withdrawals and deposits after banking hours. This is when ATMs need to be able to operate outdoors.

A D Metro’s innovative ULTRA resistive touch screen technology has paved the way for designing better, more durable ATMs that can sustain significant amounts of stress while maintaining a high level of performance in unfavorable conditions.

A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touch screens are the toughest and most durable touch solution available on the market. They are impervious to dirt, oil, grease, and chemicals, and are also scratch and vandal-resistant, and are pressure activated which sets a gold standard for outdoor ATMs.

Here are ideal capabilities that make ULTRA resistive touch screens stand out among other touch solutions.

Waterproof Touchscreen
ATMs placed outdoors are exposed to rain. Standard or conventional touch screens may succumb to heavy rains as rainwater can interfere with the function. ULTRA resistive touch screens, on the other hand, are completely waterproof and can function reliably under any wet conditions including snow and ice.

A D Metro has built ULTRA with enclosure compatibility of IP67 that is ideal for waterproofing. It guarantees a great level of protection and immunity to water and moisture, so the ATMs remain functional even in any weather condition.

Temperature Tolerance
Temperature regulation is challenging in industrial settings and impossible in an open-nature environment. As a result, ATMs are subjected to great temperature variations as well as harsh circumstances in both cases. Such conditions can cause a regular touch screen ATM to lose calibration or become inoperable. Thus, outdoor ATMs demand touch technology with higher environmental envelopes to extended temperature ranges, allowing reliable operations in outdoor environments.

With this in mind, A D Metro has engineered Ultra resistive touch screens with a temperature range of -35°C to +80°C, which is more than any other touch screen technology.

One of the biggest concerns for outdoor touch screen applications is their exposure to damage and vandalism. Whether the application is subjected to normal wear (as part of its service life) or intentional damage or tampering, outdoor ATMs need to be robust enough to handle such damage without affecting operation.

ULTRA resistive touch screens by A D Metro offer required strength and sturdiness for outdoor ATMs to keep them operational even after vandalism attempts. ULTRA resistive touch screens are built with tough borosilicate glass surfaces that are impact-resistant and provide unparalleled reliability and service life.

For past 30 years, A D Metro has been innovating new touch screen technologies to cater to the evolving and diverse demands for touch screens. ULTRA resistive touch screens are one of the innovative touch screen technologies engineered with durability and ease-of-use features especially required for outdoor applications.

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