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Three Revolutionary Controllers in Touchscreen Industry Offered by A D Metro

Controllers are the most crucial part of any touchscreen system. These are the electronic interfaces that connect the touch sensor to a device. Simply put, controllers receive raw touch data from the sensor and convert it into X,Y coordinates that the devices graphic user interface (GUI) can understand.

A D Metro, one of the leading suppliers of innovative touchscreen solutions, offers a complete line of controllers for their touchscreen sensors with software driver support. Just like with their innovative range of touchscreens, A D Metro is outclassed among others with three major controllers for touchscreens.

  • Universal Resistive Touch Screen Controller
  • Two-Touch 5-Wire Resistive Touch Controller
  • Intelligent ARGON PCAP Controller

Universal Resistive Touch Screen Controller:
The Resistive Touch Screen Controller is a feature-rich, high-performance, low-cost, universal analog resistive touchscreen control board solution. It offers USB and RS-232 communication protocols and supports 4-, 5- or 8-wire analog resistive touch screens up to 24”. Since this controller board is easy to integrate into various touch-sensing applications that support USB’s HID-Mouse and HID-Digitizer device types, it is compatible with most operating systems.

With up to 150 touch point reports per second of filtered coordinates, it precisely tracks movements for uses such as signature capture. The Universal Resistive Touch Screen Controller supports touch devices used for industrial controls, self-service kiosks and POS systems, as well as portable computers and medical devices. Resistive touch technology has the benefits of being simple to integrate, having a low overall system cost, and accepting finger, glove, or stylus input. A D Metro’s resistive controllers are compatible with almost any resistive sensor.

Two-Touch 5-Wire Resistive Touch Controller:
Standard resistive touch screens do not allow multi-touch features but are economical and durable for applications that face harsh environments. Moreover, Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) in applications which are integrated with resistive touchscreens to make them capable of enduring extreme environments may also require multi-touch. A D Metro has got the best solution to this two-way challenge by designing a two-touch resistive touch screen controller.

With 100 touch points per second for single touch and 70 touch points per second for two touches, this solution facilitates fast and smooth touch operations. The controller also offers HID Plug & Play in Windows, making the integration easier. This two-touch resistive controller offers the two-touch operation, ideal for pinch, zoom, rotate and drag gestures. It is designed to work with 5-wire resistive sensors.

Intelligent ARGON PCAP Controller:
Another greatest innovation in the touchscreen industry by A D Metro is the ARGON PCAP controller. This is an intelligent controller that detects and automatically adapts to a wide range of off-the-shelf sensor sizes, formats and cover glasses.

This smart controller does not need any tuning software to set its parameters, making it much easier to setup. In addition, there are no dedicated hardware drivers required making it compatible with any operating system that can operate with a mouse. This is particularly helpful in simplifying inventory for manufacturers looking forward to implementing PCAP in their product offerings but require only one controller to manage all their sensor size requirements. For example, it can be used for field servicing as the user won’t need to keep matching controller configurations or track firmware loads to ensure the right controller is brought to the location.

Bottom Line:
It is always better to source touchscreen sensors with controller boards as it provides assured compatibility and technical support from one supplier.

If you are looking for one of the most reliable touchscreen suppliers, look no further than A D Metro. With a wide range of innovative touchscreens and controllers exclusively designed, A D Metro has managed to be a top manufacturer and supplier of touch solutions in the industry.


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