Tougher Touch Screens Are Driving New Industrial Applications

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Over the past thirty years, developments in touch screen technology have played an important role in driving innovations across a range of different industries. From self-service kiosks to mobile computing devices and ATMs, touch screens have changed how we shop, work, and bank.

New technology suggests new uses, and in the 25 years that A D Metro has been producing high quality touch screens, they have unleashed a torrent of innovation. A host of new industrial applications for touch screens are allowing for a more seamless data flow, which in turn is leading to greater efficiency, profitability, and safety. But touch screens are a specialized technology, and getting the most out of the technology means finding the right screen for the job. If you are looking for solutions in touch screen technology that can help your business, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

If you want to provide the kind of user-friendly multi-touch experience consumers are familiar with from smartphones or tablets, you will want to consider a projected capacitive (PCAP) screen. A D Metro produces high quality PCAP touch screens for use in a range of applications, including control panels, digital signage, gaming machines, indoor kiosks, and ATMs. Our PCAP screens are extra durable and use 2-layer glass that is scratch, abrasion, and vandal resistant.

If, however, you need a screen that can handle a much greater degree of stress, resistive screen technology may be better suited to your needs. Widely used in industrial automation, mobile computing devices, and point of sales terminals, resistive screens are a flexible and economical choice that can be used with a finger, stylus, and while wearing gloves. The resistive screen can typically sustain more damage than a PCAP screen, and is often favoured in industrial contexts.

A D Metro has been producing resistive screens since 1995, and are now an industry leader in resistive screen technology. While standard resistive screens are fairly durable, touch screen products for the industrial market sometimes require a greater degree of resilience to be truly effective. PCAP screens or standard resistive screens may be able to meet some industrial needs, but A D Metro’s specially designed ULTRA Resistive screen sets an industry benchmark for durability and ruggedness.

Capable of delivering a high performance even in the most severe environmental conditions, ULTRA Resistive screens are ideal for use in extreme temperatures, outdoors, or on factory floors where contamination from chemicals, oil, or dirt are common. ULTRA Resistive screens are impervious to chemicals, water, grease, and grit, and, like standard resistive screens, can be operated by any pointed object.

A D Metro sells a range of resistive and capacitive screens for industrial, military, medical, transportation, automotive, and retail purposes, and among other things, we specialize in strengthened substrates, optical enhancement, and sensor integration. If you have custom touch screen requirements, get in touch and our experts will be happy to discuss how A D Metro can help provide touch screen solutions that meet your needs.


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