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IR-Infrared Touchscreens

Why A D Metro’s New LCIR Is Considered the Perfect Touchscreen Solution for Aviation & Automotive Applications?

Infrared (IR) technology has emerged to be an excellent choice for touch applications. In particular, for applications that require good optical clarity and multi-touch capability as capacitive touchscreens but need cost-effective solutions as resistive touch technology, IR-Infrared touchscreens are considered the best alternative.
Infrared touchscreens offer a wide range of benefits that make them the best alternative to other touchscreen technologies.

Advantages of IR-Infrared Touchscreens
Cost-effective solutions – When it comes to large-size applications, IR touch technology is preferred for its cost-effective solution over other high-grade touch screen technologies available on the market.

Image quality: For the construction of some IR touch sensors, there’s no need for substrate glass which would add glare to the display. Unlike resistive and capacitive sensors, this advanced IR touch technology helps avoid issues like picture degradation as nothing covers the display.

Swift response: Infrared touch displays respond quickly with precise actions, often in less than 8ms.

Sustain scratches – Infrared touchscreens don’t have any substrates that have conductive coatings that, if scratched or damaged, could render the touch screen inoperable. It is a frame based technology

Customization of screen sizes – IR touchscreen technology allows the customization of an application by simply adjusting the number of LEDs and photodetectors fixed in the frame.

The Revolutionary Linear Correlating Infrared Touch Technology
Moving a step ahead of others, A D Metro has transformed the functionality and features of IR-infrared touchscreens to the next level. They have developed an advanced LCIR (Linear Correlating Infrared) Touch Technology that besides offering the above-mentioned advantages, provides features that allow the touch device to survive challenging environments such as strong radio frequency interference (RFI) and full sunlight interference. For example, unlike conventional IR touch screens, LCIR technology remains fully operational despite strobing sunlight in aviation such as with helicopters. In this environment, conventional IR touch screens exhibit erratic operation even without being touched.

A D Metro’s LCIR touchscreens are recommended for critical user input display devices in automotive, aviation, and medical industries and all markets where an ultra-reliable touchscreen function is required. In automobile applications, touch reliability is particularly vital as operator distraction caused due to the need to remove gloves, loss of touch response (in RF interference), and insufficient display contrast can be dangerous. LCIR’s responsive and accurate single and two-touch functions are perfect for navigation applications.

To facilitate these functions, A D Metro has designed LCIR touch technology with the following features:

High Contrast Display: Due to the absence of a substrate layer, LCIR touch sensors are designed with 100% optical clarity or maximum contrast.

Multi-touch Operations: LCIR Infrared touchscreens offer reliable two-touch functionality as an economical alternative to projected capacitive touchscreens.

Seamless Operations: Gloved finger and 5mm stylus touch input compatibility allow reliable operating that is especially critical in medical applications.

Sunlight Immunity: These sensors are designed with 100% sunlight immunity, including strobing sunlight that may otherwise hamper conventional IR touch systems.

A Few Technical Specifications of LCIR Touch Technology

Sensor Mechanical Specifications

  • Detection Type: Infrared Path
  • Screen Size Range: Customizable From 7” – 21”
  • Demonstration Kit Screen Size: 12.1” (4:3)
  • Formats: Customizable Including 4:3, 5:4, 16:10, 16:9

Operation System Compatibility

  • Plug & Play with Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as Linux

Sensor Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -40º C to +75 ºC
  • Operating Humidity: 5 – 95% RH (non-condensing)

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