Understanding A D Metro’s Linear Correlating Touch Technology

IR Infrared Touch Screens

The standard IR-infrared touch sensor technology has gained tremendous popularity with time and emerged as an excellent alternative to resistive and capacitive touch screens. But considering the limitations of traditional Infrared touch screens, A D Metro has taken it to the next level by developing innovative Linear Correlating Touch Technology (LCIR). This LCIR technology is […]

Why A D Metro’s New LCIR Is Considered the Perfect Touchscreen Solution for Aviation & Automotive Applications?

IR-Infrared Touchscreens

Infrared (IR) technology has emerged to be an excellent choice for touch applications. In particular, for applications that require good optical clarity and multi-touch capability as capacitive touchscreens but need cost-effective solutions as resistive touch technology, IR-Infrared touchscreens are considered the best alternative. Infrared touchscreens offer a wide range of benefits that make them the […]

How A D Metro Makes Infrared Touchscreens More Useful through LCIR Technology?

In recent times, IR (Infrared) touchscreens have gained popularity as an excellent alternative to conventionally used touchscreens. Infrared touchscreens are preferred over projected capacitive and resistive touch technologies for applications that require advanced yet cost-effective solutions. In particular, for applications of large sizes, Infrared touchscreens appear to be an economical choice than other touch technologies […]

LCIR Touch Technology for Automotive Touch Displays

IR Infrared Touchscreens

Touch displays in automobiles are not new. In fact, the 1986 Buick Riviera was the first production automobile featuring a touch screen. It had a CRT touch display which was pretty decent to use. However, it took decades for touch screens to be good enough to be extensively used in automobiles. Now the demand for […]

Infrared Touch Screens: The Best Alternative for Touch Screen Solutions

IR Infrared Touch Screens

Over the years, Capacitive and Resistive touch screens have been widely used as the two most reliable touch-sensing technology. However, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have an excellent choice for touch sensors – IR (Infrared) Touch Screens. For applications where capacitive or resistive touch technology doesn’t fit right, IR touch screens are considered the best alternative. […]

Understanding the Technology behind Infrared Touch Screens Display

IR Infrared Touch Screens

In advanced industrial settings, there are generally three common types of touch screens used by OEMs to design a variety of applications- capacitive, resistive and infrared. The capacitive and resistive touch screen types have been in usage for many years, but infrared (IR) touch screens have recently gained momentum in industrial applications with several innovative […]

Why Infrared Touchscreens Becoming Popular

IR Infrared Touchscreens

Capacitive and Resistive touch technology has been extensively used in a wide range of applications, particularly with their advanced versions. However, for applications in which these two touch technologies don’t integrate well, Infrared (IR) Touchscreens might be the best option. What Is An Infrared Touchscreen? Applications with IR touchscreens support touch-based input in a similar […]