How Different Industries Take Advantage of Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

Projected capacitive touch screens are gradually replacing the decades-old resistive touch technology through its advanced features. If it is multi-touch functionality, light touch activation, or durability to withstand extreme operational conditions, projected capacitive touch technology has overtaken almost every area requiring touch input. Here are some of the areas which significantly utilize this technology for […]

Reasons Why Projected Capacitive Touch Screens Are the Preferred Choice

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Touchscreen devices have become a part of our day to day lives. From personal smartphones to point-of-sales machines, or interactive displays for the public, you can find touch screens almost everywhere. But there are different touchscreen technologies in those displays with projected capacitive touch sensors being the most prominent among them. Projected capacitive (PCAP) is […]

PCAP Touch Sensor, the best sensor for Healthcare Equipment

PCAP Touch Screens

Many OEMs are already incorporating touch technology in their devices to meet the demanding industrial requirements. With a variety of touch screen technologies, like ULTRA, Resistive, LCIR, SAW and PCAP. Why is PCAP (projected capacitive) touch screen the best solution for healthcare equipment? At A D Metro, we have been pioneering this innovative tech for […]

The Best Touchscreen Technology for Smartphones

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

The ever-growing demand for smartphones has led to the evolution of technology used in their construction. Mobile phone manufacturers strive on offering the best experiences to their end-users, and touchscreens play a major role in that. Scratch resistance, impermeability to water or other contaminants and display quality are some essential considerations for choosing the touch […]