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How Different Industries Take Advantage of Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

Projected capacitive touch screens are gradually replacing the decades-old resistive touch technology through its advanced features. If it is multi-touch functionality, light touch activation, or durability to withstand extreme operational conditions, projected capacitive touch technology has overtaken almost every area requiring touch input.

Here are some of the areas which significantly utilize this technology for seamless operations.

Real-Time Monitoring for Food Processing:
Rapid advancement in computing technology has enabled food processing factories to efficiently handle their operations. However, due to increased customer demands and tight food safety regulations, food processing companies need to embrace automation.

Food processing is, however, often done in washdown facilities. To avoid food contamination, industrial cleaning chemicals are used, and food processors are required to wear gloves at all times.

Panel PCs comprising projected capacitive touch screen technology have significant enclosure compatibility with resistance to water and moisture. Furthermore, projected capacitive touch screens allow operators effortlessly navigate through an application while wearing light gloves.

User-Friendly ATM Kiosks:
ATMs are thought of as faster self-service machines where people may quickly carry out various financial operations. But if the panel PC placed in ATMs is not appropriate for exhaustive use, it can result in equipment failure and consumer exasperation.

Moreover, readability could be an issue if the ATMs are installed under extremely lighted conditions. Users may face difficulty in carefully navigating the system due to the screen glare or low display visibility. The perfect solution for an ATM update is a projected capacitive touch screen. Features of projected capacitive touch sensors, like light touch activation with smooth gestures, high light transmission, and image clarity, enable users to process ATMs in a dynamic and hassle-free manner.

Optimized Distribution Facilities:
Distribution centers have to manage real-time data processing that includes receiving order details, scanning and tracking materials, and transporting commodities. Hence, distribution agencies essentially require an efficient warehouse system.

Computing technology has become a vital element of operations at distribution facilities. Installing an industrial-grade panel PC, designed with projected capacitive touch screens, is an excellent solution for computation in distribution facilities. They offer fine readability and clarity as well. Even under low or excessive lighting conditions, operators can get a clear view of the data on the screen, so they can successfully accomplish any distribution activities.

Industrial PCs with projected capacitive touch screens are designed for usage in harsh environments. They are scratch, abrasion, and vandal resistant and can be operated in extreme situations round the clock. Operators can easily simplify their business processes and, without a doubt, enhance output rate and quality.

To meet the requirements and simplify the manufacturing of touch applications for all the above-mentioned industries, A D Metro has introduced a next-gen projected capacitive technology with its ARGON controller. This is especially helpful in streamlining the inventory for customers wishing to implement projected capacitive touch screens in their diverse product offerings but requiring only one controller to handle all their sensor size requirements.

ARGON controller does not need any tuning software to set its parameters making it easy to set up anywhere anytime. It also does not require dedicated hardware drivers making it compatible with any operating system that can operate with a mouse. Even in the event of field servicing, customers no longer need to keep matching controller configurations or track firmware loads to ensure the right controller is brought on location.

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