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5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens Now Offer Multi-Touch Features with an Advanced Two-Touch Controller

Touch screens supporting multiple points of simultaneous touch are not uncommon in the market. Referred to as a multi-touch feature, it widens the input capabilities of devices. A touch screen offering the multi-touch feature, usually allows input using two fingers, for example, pinching on the screen will zoom the display in or out. Two finger touching can also enable the rotating of an image. This is just one of many features of using multi-touch.

Earlier, there were not many options for touch screens supporting multi-touch, and capacitive touch screens were the most common choice for reliable solutions. In fact, manufacturers were only using its advanced Projected Capacitive version, but this touch technology has its own limitations:

  • It uses human capacitance to detect touch commands which makes it difficult to use in industrial settings;
  • It doesn’t support touch input through gloved fingers (thin or surgical gloves may work).
  • If stylus usage is required, then a special capacitive stylus must be employed.
  • It is costlier in comparison to other options available on the market.

To overcome these limitations and provide a better alternative for multi-touch, A D Metro has brought an innovative solution as their patented two touch resistive touch screen controller. This advanced touch screen controller is particularly helpful for applications that require resistive touch sensors, but also demand two-touch capability.

Interesting thing is that standard resistive touch screens do not support multi-touch operations. Contrary to this, A D Metro has transformed the usage of conventional resistive touch screens by introducing a two-touch resistive controller; this is to provide the multi-touch capability to 5-wire resistive touch sensors.

So now, resistive touch screens can now be made to support multi-touch operations.

Two-Touch Resistive Controller for 5-wire Resistive Sensors
For the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) in different applications facing environments that only resistive touch sensors can withstand and that demand multi-touch capability, A D Metro’s two-touch resistive touch screen controller with standard 5-wire resistive sensors becomes an ideal solution.

The board design is dimensionally identical to many common single-touch resistive controllers. Also, the connectors used are compatible with the existing line of single-touch resistive controllers to allow seamless and easy conversion to A D Metro’s new two-touch controller. With 100 touch points per second for single touch and 70 touch points per second for multi-touch, this solution easily facilitates fast and smooth touch operations.

A D Metro’s Two Touch Controller brings new capabilities to the reliable, tried and tested 5-Wire Resistive technology. This new technology offers:

  • The full two-touch operation, pinch, zoom, rotate and drag gestures.
  • The controller also offers HID Plug & Play in Windows.
  • All the performance and capabilities are generally associated with 5-wire resistive touch technology.

The two-touch resistive controller has provided manufacturers with an option to integrate resistive touch screens in applications requiring multi-touch features. The controller makes the touch applications compatible with glove, stylus & finger.

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