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PCAP Touchscreens

Elevate the Functions of PCAP Touchscreens with ARGON Controllers

When projective capacitive (PCAP) technology penetrated the touchscreen market, it was considered revolutionary for the aesthetics it added to touch devices while taking image clarity, durability and most importantly, user experience to the next level. Now, PCAP touchscreens have become a popular and preferred choice for most consumer electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

PCAP technology offers a natural way of interacting with devices, especially through its multi-touch feature. This technology also allows touch input by a naked or thin-gloved fingertip or capacitive stylus. Now with availability in larger sizes, touchscreen manufacturers are able to bring this experience to a wide range of applications where reliability, performance and durability are key.

However, A D Metro, the touchscreen manufacturer known for its innovative range of touch solutions, has set another benchmark in the industry with the ARGON PCAP controller. It’s a one-of-its-kind controller engineered with intelligent technology to automatically adapt to sensors.

This advanced controller does not require tuning software for setup, making it simple to configure in an application without programming. Moreover, as no specialized hardware drivers are required, the ARGON controller is compatible with any operating system that can be controlled with a mouse. It also streamlines inventory for manufacturers who want to use PCAP touchscreens in their product offering but only want one controller capable of managing all sensor size needs.

Standard PCAP touch sensors require software to configure the number of channels the sensor has, the number of necessary touches, sensitivity, and other operational parameters. As a result, off-the-shelf distribution for conventional PCAP configurations becomes challenging as suppliers need to do frequent tuning rather than the buyers. Argon controllers eliminate these barriers, making stocking distribution viable.

How ARGON Controllers Improve the Functionality of PCAP Touchscreens?

Innovative Touch Controller:
A D Metro’s PCAP touchscreens integrated with intelligent ARGON controllers offer great compatibility with mission-critical equipment and devices used in harsh environments. Since ARGON controllers do away with the use of any tuning software and are easy to setup with any operating system, they are perfect to use in embedded applications. In fact, they automatically sense USB, I2C or RS232 (3.3V) connection and reports touch coordinates accordingly.

Accurate in Touch Response:
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise is known for impeding the operation of PCAP touch screens. ARGON controllers simplify integration into a system with its noise detection mode. During installation, the user can activate this mode on the controller, and it will listen for any EMI or RFI interference from the display or electronics of the equipment that might interfere with PCAP operation. This allows the user to either shield any noisy electronics or space the sensor away from the display until the noise is not strong enough to interfere with the touch screen’s operation. LEDs on the controller board indicate the level of noise the sensor is picking up, if any, and will signal when the noise is low enough for reliable operation.

Water Handling Capacity:
In industrial settings, water or liquid elements accumulation on the screen surfaces of touch applications is a normal phenomenon. Such situations may lead to false touch in standard PCAP touchscreens. ARGON PCAP controllers enable the seamless operation of touch devices within challenging conditions. In the process of the auto setup, ARGON controllers automatically set the best-performing touch sensitivity in the PCAP touchscreen and allow water rejection by working in an automatic mode. This way, PCAP touchscreens are capable of working flawlessly in industrial settings regardless of harsh environments.

Whether for devices used in a harsh environment or large screen devices, intelligent ARGON controllers improve the functionality of PCAP touchscreens, making them the right fit for a diverse range of applications. With no need for software for settings, ARGON controllers allow integrating PCAP touch screens into different applications regardless of sensor sizes, formats and cover glasses.

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