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PCAP Touch Screens

How ARGON Controller in PCAP Technology makes it an Ideal Touch Screens Solution

Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screens are now one of the top-selling touch technologies available on the market. The popularity of PCAP touch technology is due to its accuracy and resolution provided to displays of various touch applications.

However, several more features of PCAP touch screens make them suitable to be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Multi-touch points operation;
  • Light touch activation with smooth gestures;
  • High-quality construction with two layers of glass;
  • High light transmission and image clarity;
  • Durability with scratch, abrasion and vandal-resistant properties.

But most importantly, controllers play a key role in providing many advanced features to the touch screens, and PCAP touch screens are no different. Controllers support features, such as noise immunity, water resistance, touch inputs, and thick cover lenses.

A D Metro, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of innovative solutions in touch screen technology, offers one-of-its-kind ARGON controllers that are engineered with intelligent technology to automatically adapt to sensors.

This revolutionary controller eliminates the need for any tuning software to set its parameters, making it easy to setup in an application without programming. Furthermore, with no need for dedicated hardware drivers, the ARGON controller offers compatibility with any operating system that can be operated with a mouse. It also simplifies inventory for OEMs who want to use PCAP touch screens in their product offering but need just one controller, powerful enough to manage all the sensor size requirements.

In general, standard PCAP touch sensors require tuning software to set orientation, number of required touches, sensitivity, and other operational parameters. This way, off-the-shelf distribution becomes difficult for standard PCAP configurations as often tuning needs to be performed by the supplier and not the buyer. Argon controllers do away with these barriers, making stocking distribution feasible.

There are numerous benefits of using A D Metro’s PCAP touch screens with ARGON controllers. Following are a few of them:

  • They automatically sense the channels and the size of the sensor, making it practical to use with an array of applications.
  • No programing is required to set the orientation, sensitivity and number of touch points allowed for operation.
  • Unlike other touch screen controllers, ARGON does not require any drivers to operate

You can have A D Metro PCAP touch screen bundled with an advanced ARGON controller and a quality glass-on-glass sensor for excellent optical clarity, useful for embedded applications. The built-in configurations utility of this controller enables automatic adjustment of orientation, touch sensitivity and maximum concurrent touches, making application designing easy.


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