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PCAP Touchscreens

How Smart PCAP Touchscreen Applications Make Meetings More Efficient?

With the advancement of touch technology, the use of touch displays in daily life and business has grown more prevalent. They can be found in a variety of industries and commercial spaces. Even meeting rooms in offices have transformed through the latest technology. Traditional conference training equipment, such as chalk, blackboard, or whiteboard, etc., are phased out and replaced by smart applications. A new generation of electronic devices, smart Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screens, have now become standard device equipment for conference training.

The interactive features of PCAP touch screens make them highly useful for a wide range of applications, including equipment used in conference rooms.

Features of PCAP touch screens:

  • Multi-touch support
  • Light touch activation with smooth gestures
  • Robust quality construction
  • High light transmission and image clarity
  • Durability

With these many interactive features, touch applications with PCAP technology have elevated the experiences of conference and training rooms. They have greatly benefitted the corporate sector making meetings more effective and productive.

There are many other advantages of Smart PCAP touch screen Applications in meetings. Here explore the benefits in detail.

Ideal for Writing and Remote Control
The user can utilize the touch screens according to their preferences. Based on customization, touch devices for meetings can allow multiple persons to write at the same time. This is helpful in improving employee interaction. The gesture support enables flexible zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotate-in features, making presentations easier and more convenient.

The bottom line is that touch applications eliminate the disadvantages of using traditional notebooks and projections. You can scribble and mark online instantly, making the meeting more smooth, quick, and efficient. The touch devices can also process information in a timely and efficient manner that assists leaders and clients in making quick decisions. In addition, touch devices can do the same screen transmission function. Data from a smartphone or computer can be transmitted to the large screen on the same screen and downloaded on the same screen.

Interactive Features & Great Image Clarity Motivate Participants

People can watch dynamic videos and files with great image clarity, motivating participants to get involved in the training. But it’s not that the trainers would only be talking; they can contribute via touch screen. They can display their resources and material over the screen and run the slides smoothly, improving the presentation’s flow. Training and meeting in such an environment stimulate active participation by all.

PCAP Touch Screen Innovation by A D Metro
The top manufacturer and supplier of innovative touch solutions, A D Metro, offers PCAP touch screens to cater to the demands of diverse industries. Their PCAP innovations include a patented group controller, where a common controller serves a range of screen sizes to simplify design and reduce inventory costs. The controller offers USB-HID compatibility with major operating systems, simplified product development, and accelerated time to market.

They also provide an intelligent PCAP controller (ARGON) that automatically detects and adapts to a wide range of off-the-shelf sensor sizes, formats, and cover glasses. The ARGON controller does not need any tuning software to set its parameters, so it is easy to setup anywhere, anytime. Also, no dedicated hardware drivers are required, making it compatible with any operating system that can be operated with a mouse.


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