How Touch Screens Survived the Pandemic

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Ever since the world was worst hit by coronavirus pandemic, the style of living has drastically transformed. Now people are adapted to wearing masks and social distancing as the new normal. To avoid the spread of the deadly virus, they have cautiously limited their physical interactions. However, the concern remains for public-use touch screens at supermarkets, shopping centres, and fast-food chains that are used to provide customers with a fast and trouble-free shopping experience.

Unfortunately, several sectors were forced to change their strategies to survive the pandemic. Even digital signage vendors are no exception to this. But the public use of touch screens seems to be unaffected in this new environment where people are conscious of what they touch.

There are two major reasons why touch screens survived the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

  • An effective means of communication even with limitations.

When it comes to relaying information to the public, interactive digital displays have proven to be of great help. Many businesses prefer using these displays to increase operational efficiency and lower maintenance costs while providing customers with an engaging communication channel. With a single touch input point, information can be shared with a large audience.

  • Safer and more manageable in comparison to human-to-human interaction.

According to research, the virus does not live long on many surfaces. Thanks to the innovative touch technology, digital displays can be kept clean and safe from risk. COVID protocols require that public use touch screens and keypads be wiped down and disinfected regularly and normally after each use. Users can operate the touch interface with gloved fingers. They are better than human-to-human interaction as they reduce the potential threat of airborne transmission. A self-checkout kiosk restricts unwanted human interaction, promoting social distancing.

Advantages that make Touch Screens the Preferred Choice for many Businesses:

  • Chemical and contaminant resistance along with waterproof touch screens provide a durable and long-lasting solution for digital signage.
  • Touch screens are easy to use for anyone. They provide flawless instructions and messages. Moreover, a user doesn’t need another computer, phone or tablet to access the display.
  • They can be remotely updated with engaging and visually appealing messages for users.
  • Touch screen sensors like PCAP or ULTRA resistive allow operating with gloved fingers that reduce the risks of direct exposure to the virus.
  • Staff duties like welcoming customers, processing sales, and managing wait times can be handled through touch displays, increasing the efficiency even with reduced staff.

Recommendation For the Best Touch Screen:

Touch screens have proven to be an inevitable part of the digital world, even during the pandemic. Given the pandemic situation that has severely impacted many businesses, you can also consider switching to a digital mode of business operation by integrating the latest touch innovations. Based on your usage and budget, you can explore the many options available on the market. However, the ULTRA resistive touch screen is the best recommendation.

A D Metro offers the armored ULTRA touch screen, which is the most economic, durable and reliable resistive touch screen sensor. It combines durability with the features of resistive touch screens. It can be easily operated with gloved fingers or a stylus. The waterproof ULTRA resistive touch screens are ideal for operation in harsh environments, including rugged and outdoor kiosk applications.

In an environment where lesser human to human interaction has become vital, you should consider getting a touch screen solution to keep your business running more efficiently then ever before.


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