Projected Capacitive Touchscreen: The Ideal Solution for Many Applications

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Touchscreens in industrial applications enable intuitive operation, ease of use and exceptional design flexibility. They have replaced the traditional switches, buttons, dials, counters and gauges on the control panel of these applications while offering an economical and more efficient alternative. You may find the touchscreens either embedded into monitors or as complete all-in-one PCs for industrial control.

But, the biggest concern is the typical rugged environment in industries; therefore, touchscreen control panels need to be sturdy enough to operate reliably even in the presence of dirt, dust, grime, chemicals and solvents. They may require to be operated by a gloved finger, housed in sealed enclosures to industrial standards (e.g. NEMA), be hosed down or washed, and withstand direct heavy force impacts.

A D Metro, the leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative solutions in touchscreen technology, pioneers in catering to the demanding market of industrial control applications. They offer a variety of touchscreen solutions ideal for industrial applications and are widely used in heavy and contaminated environments. One of the advanced solutions offered by A D Metro for industrial applications is the Projected Capacitive Touchscreen.

Here are some of the innovative features of Projected Capacitive touch technology that make it the ideal choice for industrial control applications.

Advanced Touch Controller
Unlike conventional controllers, A D Metro offers PCAP touchscreens with an intelligent ARGON controller – a spin-off of their Multiplexed Projected Capacitive (MPC) technology. They are designed for great compatibility with harsh environments and in mission-critical equipment. Particularly suitable for embedded applications, the ARGON controller eliminates the use of any tuning software to set its parameters, making it easy to setup and compatible with any operating system. It automatically senses USB, I2C or RS232 (3.3V) connection and reports touch coordinates accordingly.

Accuracy in Touch Detection
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise can impede the accurate detection of touch commands. A D Metro’s ARGON controller in a Projected Capacitive Touchscreen simplifies and helps maintain the accuracy of the touch detection. With ARGON in place, you don’t need to keep matching controller configurations or track firmware loads to avoid noise interference at different frequency bandwidths. Thus, it helps in maintaining the accuracy of touch events.

Water Handling Capacity
Water or any liquid accumulation on the interface of the applications is likely to happen phenomena in industrial settings. This may trigger false touch in ordinary PCAP touchscreens. But the advanced projected capacitive touchscreen technology offered by A D Metro is designed to work seamlessly within challenging operating conditions. During the auto setup function, ARGON controllers in the PCAP touchscreen automatically set the best performing touch sensitivity and provide water rejection by working in an automatic mode. This helps in the flawless operation of industrial applications even in harsh environments.

High-quality Construction
A D Metro offers projected capacitive touchscreens made of 2-layer glass. This makes a highly durable glass surface to allow industrial applications to survive heavy force.

Given the durability, greater touch precision and ease of use, A D Metro’s projected capacitive touchscreen with ARGON controller becomes the perfect solution for your industrial applications.


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