Top Features of 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

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If getting a touchscreen monitor now or in the future or is on your mind, there are certain critical things you need to keep in mind while making the selection. You need to give deep thought over which type of touchscreen technology you want to be operating your device.

When it comes to durable and cost-effective solutions, 5-wire resistive touch screens are the best thing you can have for your application.

What is 5- wire resistive touch screen?
Resistive touch screens are one of the most popular types of touch technology that has been in use for decades. Given its reliable and economical offering, it is still a widely used touch screen technology. The 5-wire resistive type is one of several types of resistive touch sensors available today.

5-wire resistive touch screens are designed commonly with a bottom layer made of glass and a top flexible layer, separated with the layer by tiny spacer dots. Electrodes are around the perimeter of the bottom layer. When pressure is applied to the top surface, the two layers come into contact, and the controller locates the touchpoint. The touch coordinate is determined by the voltage values of the touch point on the bottom layer using the top layer as a voltage probe.

The 5-wire resistive touch screens are mostly used in applications such as:

  • Industrial uses: for automation equipment, automated testing, machine interface
  • Medical uses: research equipment, patient monitoring, and medical instrumentation.
  • Transportation uses: GPS equipment and delivery systems.
  • Point of sale: movie theatre, fast food, lottery terminal, convenience store, self serv kiosks and much more

Top Features of 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens

  • Works with Stylus or Gloved Finger: It doesn’t rely on the capacitance of the human finger to identify the touch commands such as with capacitive technologies. A user can use a stylus for high precision  touch where the fingertip seems too big. The added advantage is the ability to operate the screen with a gloved hand as well.
  • Damage to the top layer doesn’t affect the device: 5-wire resistive touch screens are constructed with two layers. The voltage of the bottom layer is measured by the top layer. A little damage to the top layer thus doesn’t obstruct the functionality of the device.
  • It is almost ten times more durable than the 4-wire resistive touch screen.
  • It has high accuracy along with high sensitivity, and excellent resolution.
  • 5-wire resistive touch screens are best for heavy use as well as in dirty environments
  • It allows low power consumption and has total EMI immunity.
  • It’s inexpensive compared to other technologies reducing production costs.

Where to Find the 5-Wire Resistive Touch Screens?
A D Metro is the leading manufacturer of innovative and standard touch.. They have been designing resistive touch screens for more than two decades and have established themselves as a very reliable manufacturer. They have incorporated this extensive experience into contemporary designs, using advanced materials to produce the most reliable and cost-effective resistive touch screen sensors, including 5-wire resistive touch screens as well as glass armoured versions of 5-wire greatly enhancing 5-wire benefits.


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