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Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

Top Touch Display Technologies Available on The Market

When it comes to interactive displays, kiosks, or digital signage, using keyboards and buttons for input appear obsolete. Touch screens have already taken over the market and they have become the standard input method for display technologies. Considering the diverse demands, touchscreen suppliers have supplied the industry with numerous state-of-the-art technologies.

Here are the most popular touch technologies available on the market.

Capacitive Touchscreens:
With the soaring demand for daily lives devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers, capacitive touchscreens have become extensively popular. Capacitive touchscreens ensure a superior user experience compared to other technologies on the market. They offer excellent display quality, durability, shatter and scratch resistance.

Capacitive touchscreens are constantly evolving with advanced technology to enhance the user experience. Besides the basic surface capacitive touchscreens, there’s another advanced form known as projected capacitive touchscreens, which are considered to be the most precise touch sensor. They rule out the limitation of traditional capacitive touchscreens that depend completely on the electrical capacity of the human body to function, i.e. bare finger. Displays with PCAP touch sensors can also be operated wearing thin gloves or with a conductive stylus.

The major issue with PCAP touchscreens is the cost; therefore, OEMs having budget constraints look towards procuring other cost-effective options.

Surface Acoustic Wave Touch:
The surface acoustic wave or SAW technology in touchscreens is preferably a decent option to use for touch applications, specifically those designed for indoor environments. SAW technology functions by way of disturbance caused by touch in ultra-sonic waves travelling along the display surface. When the panel is touched, a portion of the wave is absorbed. This change in the ultrasonic waves registers the position of the touch event and sends this information to the controller for processing.

SAW becomes a reliable alternative for touchscreen applications requiring light touch and it enables the devices to be operated by any soft object and offer high-quality image clarity. However, SAW touchscreens are also susceptible to glitches if exposed to extreme weather conditions or other contaminants. These should be kept clean and dry all the time, or unresponsive areas can be created over the display.

SAW touchscreens are usually available on the market at a fairly moderate price. One of the leading suppliers for touchscreens, A D Metro offers a wide range of sizes and configurations with low minimum order quantity and reasonable pricing.

Resistive Touch:
Resistive touchscreens are evergreen and popular as economical solutions. They are a pressure activated touch technology, featuring low cost, low power consumption, and resistance to moisture, dust, and other contaminants. However, the drawbacks like image quality and vulnerability to damages due to mishandling do not make resistive touchscreens the ideal choice.

A solution to many drawbacks of standard resistive would be ULTRA resistive touchscreens by A D Metro. ULTRA not only offers the most durable and reliable touch solutions, but are also scratch, abrasion, water and chemical resistant. ULTRA-resistive touchscreens are designed with the patented durable borosilicate glass surface, and maintain the advantages of resistive technology.

ULTRA offers unparalleled reliability, tested over 230 million operations. For reliable operations in harsh environments, including rugged, outdoor and unattended kiosks, ULTRA touchscreens become the perfect choice.

With these top touchscreen technologies widely available on the market, choosing a top supplier is also important. A D Metro in business for 28 years is the leading name in the industry known for its wide range of innovative touchscreen solutions like ULTRA touchscreens, PCAP group controllers and Argon controllers.


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