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Ultra Resistive Touchscreens

ULTRA Resistive Touchscreens for Passenger Interaction Systems at Transit Hubs

Commuters at different transit hubs such as railway stations, airports and rapid transit systems have easy access to information and ticketing through touch display machines. Thanks to innovative touchscreen technologies, touch devices can now be installed indoors and outdoors, facilitating a smooth travel system.

ULTRA-resistive touch technology, an armored touch solution by A D Metro, stands out among other technologies for rugged applications often installed in unattended locations. The ULTRA resistive touchscreens are the advanced version of resistive touch technology designed to overcome the limitations of standard resistive touchscreen sensors with its superior features. To this end, this type of touch sensor is preferred for unattended indoor/outdoor kiosk operations such as transport ticketing because it is pressure activated and will work with bare hands, and kind of gloved hands, credit card corners, keys, pens, or any other object that can produce pressure. Unattended kiosks can get quite dirty between cleanings and users may be squeamish about touching dirty surfaces and may prefer to use anything other than their bare fingers. Ultra sensors are perfect for this. PCAP is not because it needs to work with a bare finger.

Here are some remarkable features that make ULTRA-resistive touchscreens ideal for passenger interaction systems in transit hubs.

Features of ULTRA- Resistive Touchscreens

Operating Temperature:
ULTRA- resistive touchscreens feature an extended operational temperature range and are suitable for all-weather performance. They can be operated under -35°C to +80°C. The greater temperature tolerance capability in this touchscreen helps enhance the operational life of the application regardless of constant usage.

Durability of the Screen:
The ULTRA- resistive touch sensors are made from A D Metro’s patented borosilicate glass surface with a hardness of 6.5 Mohs, making them exceptionally durable. The glass surface is scratch, abrasion and vandal resistant.

With a large number of passengers using unattended display interaction systems, there are high risks of tampering and damage. Therefore, ULTRA-resistive touchscreens make an excellent choice. Even when controlled by a sharp object, the touch sensors operates seamlessly through their optimal impact resistance quality.

Fine Optical Quality:
A D Metro provide ULTRA- resistive touchscreens with considerable light transmission and anti-glare quality. This helps in better image display visibility all the time. Moreover, A D Metro provides three different enhancement options to enhance the optical quality. There are anti-reflective coatings, anti-glare matte finishes as well as anti-Newton ring and a hydrophobic coating for anti-fingerprint properties.

Impervious to Contaminants:
ULTRA resistive touchscreens are impervious to oil, chemicals, dust and dirt and work flawlessly even with these contaminants on the screen. ULTRA touch sensors combine innovative features with the benefits of a resistive touch screen and are pressure activated, similar to resistive touch operations. Therefore, no amount of dust or dirt impedes the operations of touch applications comprising ULTRA-resistive sensors.

Waterproof Feature:
A D Metro’s ULTRA resistive touchscreens are one-of-a-kind touch sensors that can operate underwater. They are fully waterproof and ideal for designing interactive passenger information systems. ULTRA is made of a waterproof external glass layer that gives safety against water and moisture exposure. In addition, the PET/Glass switch layers in ULTRA resistive touchscreens leave no room for moisture to seep in through them and enable the sensors to consistently work even in harsh climatic conditions or accidental liquid spillage by any passenger.

Bottom Line:
ULTRA resistive touch screens are just perfect for creating a passenger information system, making it accessible to all members of the public. They offer the best performance features required for touch applications demanding rugged durability and reliability. In fact, ULTRA resistive touchscreens are the most economical and versatile resistive touchscreen sensors for passenger interaction systems.


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