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PCAP Touchscreens

What are The Different Applications of Multi-Touch Screen Technology

At present, the tech industry is dominated by multi-touch technology, mostly due to its ingenuity and versatility. The multi-touch ability, typically supported by PCAP touch screens, help users make the most of touch applications while accomplishing the job precisely. Ever since multi-touch sensors have been introduced, doors to advancements have opened in many applications increasing productivity and efficiency greatly.

When it comes to using touchscreen devices, employees and consumers have more options to accomplish tasks while on the go using their mobile devices and tablets. Devices supporting multi-touch have, in fact, taken various industries by storm, revolutionizing business operations.

Multi-Touch Tables:
You would have noticed touchscreen tables in establishments like restaurants, bars, hotels, and spas. These tables are replacing actual human interaction while increasing efficiency.

Multi-touch devices make it easier for people in the service industry to carry out their jobs with the utmost efficiency. They can be used to place orders or check into a hotel. The multi-touch function allows zooming in and out the display content for a clear presentation of the products, enriching customer experience.

Multi-Touch Monitors:
End-users can make use of multi-touch monitors to complete digital tasks with a direct approach. They just need to put their fingers on the screen to move things around or perform different functions they want. These monitors help improve employees’ efficiency and productivity, especially if group collaboration is a part of their professional lives. Considering the trend of prevailing touchscreen advancements, it is believed that in the coming years the standard keyboard and mouse mechanisms will become obsolete.

Multi-Touch Frames:
Multi-touch frames have emerged as simple and inexpensive solutions to transforming regular screens into touchscreens. These frames can be used by multiple people simultaneously. These overlays are very handy in office environments where more than one person operates the same digital system at the same time. These multi-touch frames support accomplishing the tasks faster.

Control Panels:
Given the digital and marketing necessities of business, end-users can have specialized industry-proven control panels to assist them in reaching their professional goals in record time. These multi-touch control panels save time, money, and essential resources, reducing the effort in doing hard work. Many companies are making applications with multi-touch control panels as an integral part and training of their employees to work with them to improve productivity.


Industries rely on PCAP touch screens to create various applications integrated with multi-touch ability. PCAP touch solutions offered by A D Metro provide user-friendly 10 point multi-touch operation, which make it suitable for designing a wide range of applications for different applications.

A D Metro’s PCAP innovations also include a patented group controller, which serves a range of screen sizes to simplify design and reduce inventory costs. The controller offers USB-HID compatibility with major operating systems, simplified product development and accelerated time to market. A D Metro has also developed a smart PCAP controller called “ARGON” that programs itself when connected to any size of sensor alleviating the need to program the controller to match the sensor size, orientation, number of simultaneous touches allowed etc. which can be very technically challenging to do for those unfamiliar with PCAP technology.



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