4-Wire/5-Wire, USB

One-Touch Resistive Controller

4-Wire/5-Wire, USB

A D Metro’s most popular, high performance, low cost, resistive touch screen controller model.  This controller supports 4-wire or 5-wire resistive touch sensors up to 24 inches in size using non-latching connectors.

A D Metro resistive touch controllers dynamically adapt to touch screen electrical characteristics such as sensitivity, contact resistance, and capacitance. The controllers deliver advanced touch response, accuracy and performance with up to 150 touch point reports per second of filtered coordinates, accurately tracking motion for applications such as signature capture.

This controller can easily be integrated into the wide variety of touch sensing applications that use USB HID-mouse or HID-digitizer device types.  Most operating systems have full, built-in USB HID compatibility and need no driver installed.

Part Details



Controller compatible with 4-wire or 5-wire resistive sensor, USB only interface, one-touch. Kit includes USB-A cable.


Controller compatible with 4-wire or 5-wire resistive sensor, USB only interface, one-touch. Does not include USB-A cable.


USB-A Controller Cable, 6 ft (about 2m)

Compatible Sensors

Any A D Metro 4-wire or 5-wire non-latching resistive sensor (except rare, specialty sensors which require a small adaptor cable).
Refer to the Resistive Controller User Guide and sensor drawing, or contact A D Metro for verification.

How do resistive touch screen sensors work?

A resistive touch screen sensor is an analogue switch technology that is pressure activated. Two conductive coated layers (usually using Indium Tin Oxide [ITO]), facing each other, are separated by a layer of dielectric spacer dots. When pressure is applied to the top surface, the two layers come into contact and the controller locates the touch point. To determine the x and y coordinates, in 4- and 8-wire sensors a voltage gradient is applied to each layer in turn; and in 5-wire sensors the resistance is measured between the top layer and each of the four corners of the base layer.

For more information on popular touch screen technologies, please download our whitepaper.

Resistive Touch Screens

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